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100 - Sweet & Sour Charity
Dick and Joanna are given an opportunity to overcome their newcomer status in town when they are asked to head up a drive to save the local library. Dick finds out that he has a lot of critics.

101- Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
Stephanie tries to make the most of a toe injury to avoid her duties as maid until Dick and Joanna hire a replacement. Stephanie loves being pampered until Dick and Joanna hire a human dynamo named Sylvia as a temporary maid.

102 - Saturday in New York with George
Dick is invited to a publisher's party in New York and reluctantly agrees to take George with him since Joanna is stuck at home with guests.

103 - Love Letters in the Mud
Michael composes a love letter for Larry, who wants to impress Jolene, the girl of his dreams.

104 - The First of the Belles
An old college friend of Dick's shows up at the Inn to do a little skiing and get over a divorce. Dick then has to try to explain to Joanna why he once proposed to her.

105 - It's My Party & I'll Die
Stephanie's Uncle Ned is celebrating his 100th birthday and everyone is invited to the Vanderkellen mansion for the big party. The Vanderkellen code of behavior gets its first real test when Uncle Ned blows out the birthday candles and promptly drops dead.

106 - Chimes They Are A-Changin'
A heavy winter storm has everyone acting a little strange, including George who insists on personally repairing the town's damaged bell tower.

107 - Unfriendly Persuasion
Dick's power of persuasion is needed to help Joanna overcome her fear of eye doctors and to patch up a misunderstanding between George and Stephanie.

108 - Jail, Jail, the Gang's All There
Dick becomes known as the acerbic wit of television when he begins to verbally attack his guests on the otherwise dull "Vermont Today" show.

110 - Fun With Dick and Joanna
Dick and Joanna take off on a madcap adventure after she convinces him that he's in a rut and never does anything spontaneous.

111 - Night Moves
Dick has a quarrel with Joanna and ends up being thrown out of their bedroom for the night. He stubbornly refuses to give in and finds that trying to get a good night's sleep can be a nightmare.

112 - Harris Ankles PIV for WEB Post
Michael gets a shot at the big time, but his future in network television depends on delivering quality programming--something he's not too familiar with. Meanwhile, George has great expectations and hopes of being immortalized when he discovers an unusual rock formation.

113 - Good-Bye & Good Riddance Mr. Chips
Dick enrolls in a typing class, only to find out that the teacher, Mr. Rooney, is the same tyrant he had for a sixth-grade teacher in elementary school. Joanna suggests that inviting him to dinner might loosen him up.

114 - Much to Do Without Muffin
It's a long three-day weekend and Michael is at a loss because Stephanie has plans that don't include him. In desperation, Michael accompanies George to a Beaver Lodge dinner.

115 - Here's to You Mrs. Loudon
Dick has an unexpected reaction when a teen-age boy staying at the inn develops a crush on his wife Joanna. While Joanna thinks that young Andy's affections are cute and harmless, she has second thoughts when they start getting out of hand.

116 - Prima Darryl
Larry is troubled by a deep, dark family secret which he insists on sharing with Dick and Joanna. He has discovered that Darryl #1 is actually the oldest, not himself, and the result is a shake-up in the ranks, with Darryl taking over as leader of the trio.

117 - Inn This Corner
Dick and Joanna are befriended by a fun-loving couple who announce that they have bought a neighboring house and are turning it into an Inn. Things begin to look bleak for the Stratford Inn when their new competition turns out to be a big success.

118 - Me & My Gayle
At his fortieth high school reunion, George is still trying to get up the nerve to tell his secret high school crush Gayle how he feels about her. When George learns that the girl he has secretly longed for since high school will be attending the reunion, he drags Dick along for moral support.

119 - Reading, Writing, and Rating Points
Michael needs an original idea for a new television show and decides to steal one from a student in his television production class. He also manages to humiliate Dick when he invites him to be a guest lecturer at his class.

Episodes 120-139