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120 - Vintage Stephanie
It's Stephanie's birthday, but she's convinced that beauty-wise, she has peaked. All efforts to cheer her up seem hopeless when she stops using makeup.

121 - Take Me to Your Loudon - HALLOWEEN
A Halloween party at the Stratford Inn is interrupted by a news report of an invasion from outer space. Dick is convinced that the whole thing is a hoax.

122 - Till Depth Do Us Part - Part 1
Stephanie and Michael are desperate to find a solution to their problem; after four dates in a row that haven't been fun, their relationship is definitely in a rut. One solution, according to a magazine article, would be to observe a stable, interesting relationship such as Dick and Joanna's.

123 - Till Depth Do Us Part - Part 2
Stephanie and Michael announce that they are getting married and preparations begin for an elaborate wedding at the Vanderkellen Mansion. As the wedding date draws near, Dick still has doubts that the pair is ready for marriage. However, Mr. Vanderkellen is sparing no expense for the big day.

124 - Telethon Man
Dick unwittingly becomes a one-man host and crew for a forty-eight-hour telethon to raise money for his financially troubled television station. After letting Michael con him into taking the job, Dick discovers that he is stuck with a lot of reject talent and no crew to do the show.

125 - Laugh at My Wife Please
Joanna is recruited to give historical presentations to tour groups and recruits Dick to be her speech writer. Dick writes what he thinks is a witty speech while George is baby-sitting Darryl for vacationing Larry.

126 - Support Your Local Shifflet
Officer Shifflet, the local law enforcement, threatens to go on strike when he is denied a raise. The town's budget has been allocated instead to finance Dick's proposal to install a stoplight at a busy intersection.

127 - My Three Dads
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl announce that they long to be dads and are going to adopt a child. To their surprise, the baby turns out to be a young man named Ted who is almost eighteen years old.

128 - A Friendship That Will Last a Lunch Time
Dick's former co-host Buffy Denver shows up at the Inn and strikes up a friendship with Stephanie when she discovers that they have much in common.

129 - Presence of Malice
Dick is determined to have a showdown with local television critic Curtis Bilgray after he writes a scathing review of Dick's program.

130 - Would You Buy A Used Car From This Handyman
George decides to hang up his handyman overalls and fulfill his dream fantasy of becoming a used car salesman. Although he comes from a long line of handymen, George hopes it's not too late to break the pattern and try a new line of work, even though it means leaving Dick to handle his chores at the Stratford Inn.

131 - Buck Stops Here
Dick is skeptical of a legend that promises good luck to everyone when the Great White Buck is spotted in the woods. After George sees the legendary deer, everyone starts having good luck...that is, until Dick drives home and runs over the Great White Buck.

132 - Attention WPIV Shoppers
After selling the station on an unoriginal idea of having Stephanie host a shopping show, Michael must then convince Dick to co-host the new show with her.

133 - The Big Uneasy
Michael receives a proposition he can hardly refuse when he attempts to sell Dick's television show to a very important and very beautiful buyer. Dick and Michael attend a convention in New Orleans, hoping to sell Dick's "Vermont Today" show into syndication.

134 - Draw Partner
While most of the Inn staff waits for its 5,000th customer, Dick is looking forward to the arrival of illustrator Corrine Denby who is going to collaborate with him on a new book. It isn't long before they begin to get on each other's nerves.

135 - A Midseason Night's Dream
Not Available

136 - Newsstruck
A whole new world opens up for Michael when he is asked to produce the news for the television station that employs him. Typically, his first instinct is to change the news format with some of his outrageous ideas. However, it is Michael who undergoes a change after a few short days in the newsroom.

137 - The Gleeless Club
Joanna talks Dick into trying out for the town's newly formed glee club, only to learn that he's been accepted and she hasn't.

138 - Courtin' Disaster
Joanna sets George up on a blind date with antique dealer Irma Brown, unaware that she has a very jealous ex-boyfriend.

139 - Town Without Pity
Using one of Dick Loudon's how-to books as an escape primer, a prisoner makes his getaway, only to run afoul of the law when he stops at the Inn to meet his favorite author.

Episodes 140-159