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140 - Apples! Apples! Apples!
The annual Apple Festival, a local event held at the Inn, is a victim of terminal boredom until it receives a large dose of Vegas glitz thanks to Michael. When Michael's plan offends the traditionalists involved, George starts a separate traditional festival to give the townsfolk a choice of fetes.

141 - This Blood's for You
After an emergency appendectomy, Stephanie discovers that her rare blood type has been supplemented by a very rare donor. Stephanie later learns the identity of the blood donor--a revelation that sends her into horrified shock and the donor into hiding.

142 - I Married Dick
When Joanna decides something is missing from their marriage, Dick reluctantly agrees to accompany her to a therapy session which has unexpected surprises in store.

143 - Goonstruck
Much to Michael's displeasure, Stephanie finds the young, virile stonemason working at the Inn alarmingly attractive.

144 - I Came, I Saw, I Sat
Dick's efforts to entertain his father on his first visit to the Inn seem to fizzle and fail. Dick hopes to spend time with his father, a retired barber, but all Dad wants to do is sit in the lobby and watch television. Even the arrival of baseball legend Duke Mulberry can't make him budge!

145 - Twelve Annoyed Men...& Women
Twelve citizens try Dick's patience and tolerance when he becomes foreman of what he perceives to be an indifferent jury.

146 - Home for the Hollidays
Dick takes pride in Joanna's first real estate sale--until the lobby of the Inn is turned into a campground for her first clients, the Hollidays, a slightly redneck couple they first encountered during a therapy session.

147 - Shoe Business Is My Life
When job-hunting Michael becomes a shoe clerk, Stephanie's devotion is put to a crucial test.

148 - George & Old Maid
Back on the scene after a twenty-five-year absence, Madeline Stone, the Inn's former maid, returns to answer George's proposal.

149 - Hi, Society
With Michael sidelined at the shoe store, Dick gallantly escorts Stephanie to a formal high-society gala. When Dick reluctantly goes along with Stephanie's pretensions in calling him an entrepreneur, she is devastated to find herself ignored as he becomes the man of the hour (a situation he begins to enjoy). Guest-stars Merv Griffin.

150 - Cupcake on My Back
Working as a shoe-store clerk, Michael cannot afford Stephanie's champagne tastes on his soda-pop budget and realizes their relationship is on the skids. When Annual Cupcake Day (created by Michael and Stephanie to help fill the long void between Valentine's Day and Easter when she doesn't get any gifts) arrives, Michael treats her to a budget-busting dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town.

151 - Another Saturday Night
When Dick accepts a last-minute speaking engagement at a private school, Joanna becomes a reluctant dinner guest of Larry and his brothers Darryl.

152 - Nice Man Cometh
When the station owner plans a late night talk show and hires an obnoxious host, Dick finds himself playing second banana and dodging the slings and arrows of outrageous insults. Guest-stars Ed McMahon.

153 - One & A Half Million Dollar Man
Dick and Joanna are nonplused when they receive a megabuck offer for the Inn that is absolutely too good to refuse.

154 - The Little Match Girl
Dick visits Michael and encounters Corrine Denby, an illustrator with talent to burn. Having once worked with her, Dick is easily conned into hiring her to illustrate his next how-to book and securing her release.

155 - Buy, Buy Blues
Michael is the innocent object of his psychologist's affections while Stephanie indulges in wild shopping sprees.

156 - Message From Michael
Michael becomes a last-minute substitute guest on Dick's television show and emerges as an instant cult figure.

157 - Homes & Jo-Jo
Joanna is offered her own television program by Mr. Grad, the station manager, but her banter is short-lived when her handsome co-host's banter is loaded with sexual innuendo. Meanwhile, Larry and his brothers Darryl have a different problem: how to deal with Darryl #2's birthday gift from an eccentric aunt--a personal manservant named Charles.

158 - Georgie & Bess
George is surprised by a visit from a sweet, elderly Aunt Bess. But it turns out that he doesn't know her as well as he thought.

159 - Murder at the Stratley
With the publication of his first mystery novel, Dick is transformed into a wife-killer by the local population who take the fiction for fact.

Episodes 160-184