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160 - Malling in Love Again
Stephanie and Michael conduct some very personal surveys at the local mall and Dick discovers that Larry, Darryl, and Darryl have a powerful friend. Guest-stars Johnny Carson.

161 - Don't Worry, Be Pregnant
Michael and a very pregnant Stephanie return form their honeymoon crisis and decide that having a baby is going to be "icky."

162 - Get Dick
Dick, guilty of accidentally burning down Maison Hubert ad is forced to pay the price.

163 - Poetry & Pastry
Dick is elected to judge the poetry and pastry contest, in which Joanna is a contestant.

164 - Utley Exposed
George is being run out of town for a childish prank he played forty years ago.

165 - Ramblin Michael Harris
Michael makes a sudden career move, leaving his promising future at Menky's grocery store to become a lounge singer.

166 - Meet Michael Vanderkellen
Michael is forced to make a decision: his dream house or his self-respect.

167 - Good Lord Loudon
Reginald Wooster, a very droll, very broke guest at the Stratford Inn, is unable to pay his bill. In exchange, the impoverished aristocrat leaves Dick his signet ring and his claim to British pedigree.

168 - Cupcake in a Cage
When Stephanie's prenatal hormones get the best of her, she slaps a security guard and goes to jail.

169 - Attack of Killer Aunts
Joanna's Aunt Louise descends upon the Stratford Inn, reviving a 19-year-old war with Dick. Guest-stars Nancy Walker.

170 - I Like You, Butt
George has a short-lived romantic fling with a woman whose figure could best be captured in wide-screen Cinerama.

171 - Jumpin George
George vows to stay awake forever after he has a series of bad dreams. Guest stars Peggy Fleming.

172 - Lights! Camera! Action!
Baby day is imminent for the Harrises, and Michael wants to capture every tiny moment on videotape--much to Stephanie's outrage. Cameo appearances by Patrick Duffy, Angela Lansbury, Gerald McRaney, and Jean Smart.

173 - Beauty & the Pest
Joanna attains the ranks of a screen goddess--at least in the eyes of one man.

174 - Good Neighbor Sam
Dick is distressed when Stratford lodger Sam Lary, a whining pest of a guest, decides to move permanently to Vermont--right next door. Guest-stars Bill Daily.

175 - Child in Charge
Dick's show, "Vermont Today," is threatened with cancellation when Baby Stephanie becomes the sole owner of television station WPIV. Guest-stars George McGovern.

176 - Seein' Double
It's double trouble as Stephanie stars as twins in a slap-dash sitcom "Seein' Double." Guest-stars Don Knotts.

177 - Born to Be Mild
When Dick joins George's old street gang, the Hooligans, he finds himself in the middle of a rumble against their rowdy rivals.

178 - Daddy's Little Stephanie
Michael dreams about Little Stephanie all grown up. Julia Duffy takes on her second dual role of the season, playing Stephanie and Little Stephanie.

179 - Georgie & Grace
George considers the priesthood, while Miss Goddard does her damnedest to dissuade him.

180 - Handymania
With a stroke of Utley genius, George invents "Handyman," a new board game that becomes all the rage until its flaw is discovered.

181 - Dick & Tim
Dick innocently insults Tim Conway during a poker game. Guest-stars Tim Conway.

182 - Father Goose
Michael takes a gander at his long-lost papa--whom he has just hired to play a goose. Guest-stars Henry Gibson.

183 - My Husband, My Peasant
Lack of pedigree becomes a peccadillo for Michael as Stephanie threatens a divorce.

184 - The Last Newhart
Dick is the only holdout as he staunchly refuses to sell the Stratford Inn to a Japanese investor--the result being that he and Joanna are the only two remaining as everyone else in town sells out. The Stratford Inn has become a hazard on the 14th fairway of the luxurious Tagadachivilee Hotel and Country Club's golf course. As golf balls pelt the Inn's weathered clapboards, Dick thinks things can't get much worse--until the townsfolk return for their five-year reunion...

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