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60 - Look Homeward, Stephanie
Stephanie introduces a stunned Michael to her incredibly wealthy parents, who are eager to buy her anything to keep her home.

61 - My Fair Lady
With Dick as a guinea pig, Joanna does her best to show Larry and his brothers how to attract customers to their cafe, but they don't take easily to gracious living.

62 - You're Nobody 'til Somebody Hires You
When Michael is fired for making outrageous demands, Dick replaces him only to find it's no cinch being a television producer.

63 - Out With the New, In With the Old
Dick can't wait to start a big restoration project at the Inn, but the work is stalled by what looks like sabotage.

64 - R.I.P. Off
Dick gets a job for bumbling Harley Estin that turns out to be a scam for selling swampland burial plots.

65 - Prodigal Darryl
After an argument over spending money received from the jingle contest, Darryl disappears and Dick sets out to hunt for him with Larry and the other Darryl.

66 - What Makes Dick Run
A puppet show put on for the ailing Stephanie by Larry and his brothers inspires Dick to jazz up "Vermont Today."

67 - Pirate Pete
It's yo-ho-ho and a barrel of trouble at the TV station when Pirate Pete can't host his kiddie show and Dick reluctantly takes his place.

68 - Summa Cum Larry
When school bells ring for Larry, he begs Dick to keep it from Darryl and Darryl. Meanwhile, Dick comes up with a unique game plan to tutor Larry.

69 - Oh, That Morocco
Joanna suddenly has a new best friend who thinks everyone should go on vacation to Morocco. Meanwhile, George gets a surprise when Dick orders him to follow a Loudon how-to book exactly on a remodeling project.

70 - Candidate Larry
While Dick tries to convince Larry that he lacks the proper image for politics, Michael has to decide between his adorable new puppy and the jealous Stephanie.

71 - Locks, Stocks, & Noodlehead
When Stephanie's wealthy father suddenly comes to visit during Stratford's big Colonial Days festival, she worries that he's lost all his money.

72 - The Geezers in the Band
Dick looks forward to a reunion of his wild and crazy college jazz group but finds that time has slowed their beat. Yearning to relive the exciting time of youth, Dick tries to talk his buddies (Sheik and Hog) into taking a daredevil ride on a toboggan run known as "The Widow Maker."

73 - The Shape of Things
Joanna and Stephanie open an aerobics studio only to sweat out a power struggle. The partners also face a challenge when Larry and his brothers sign up for class. But the big fight erupts when Joanna is barred from Stephanie's television commercial.

74 - Write to Privacy
Stephanie and Joanna peek at Michael's secret diary and are furious when they discover what he really thinks of them.

75 - Still the Beavers
Spurred by Dick, George gets his dander up after the Beavers cheat him of a prize and he starts a rival lodge.

76 - The Way We Ought to Be
Fed up with always letting Stephanie have her own way, Michael takes Dick's advice and gets up the nerve to tell her so.

77 - Much Ado About Nothing
Big brother George goes all out to impress young Mitch, only to see the boy fall under the spell of Uncle Dick and the glamour of his television talk show. Meanwhile, messages from a Ouija board threaten a romantic split for Stephanie and Michael.

78 - Look Ma, No Talent
While Michael is distraught trying to impress his artistic mother, he leaves Dick stuck with keeping a rash promise to a dog food advertiser.

79 - Larry's Dead, Long Live Larry
While rewiring the cafe to comply with the fire safety code, Larry receives an electrical shock and thinks that Dick has called him back from the dead to perform some task that needs to be done.

Episodes 80-99