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80 - Stephanie Nightingale
When an epidemic of measles breaks out at the Stratford Inn, everyone is confined to bed with the exception of Stephanie. Joanna and Dick are among the early victims and, when George is also stricken, Stephanie finds herself as the only survivor with the unfamiliar (and unwelcome) task of caring for the patients and being in charge.

81 - Stratford Horror Picture Show
A nightly occurrence of strange and unexplained noises convinces nearly everyone that the Inn is haunted. Dick, the skeptic, believes there must be a logical explanation. News that an eighteenth-century witch was burned in the cellar adds to the theory that some mysterious apparition is raising havoc at the Inn and scaring away the guests.

82 - I Do, Okay
Joanna gets Dick to repeat their marriage vows but his less-than-romantic attitude toward the project leads to trouble.

83 - The Snowmen Cometh
The annual snow carnival is in big trouble when the forecast calls for warm weather. Larry, Darryl, and Darryl offer to make it snow--for a price.

84 - Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up
Dick's artistic career seems to be taking off when a video company wants to make a cassette version of his book about plumbing.

85 - He Ain't Human, He's My Cousin
George's distant cousin comes to town to help honor an ancestor who is credited as being one of the founders of the town. When he finally meets his cousin, George's joy at discovering he's not alone in the world is short-lived.

86 - Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter
As a joke, Dick uses his old pen name when he submits his latest book to his publisher. Despite his success as an author under his real name, Dick's little joke backfires as he learns just what's in a name when the book is promptly rejected.

87 - Torn Between Three Brothers
Kathy, a cute but flighty hotel guest who's been jilted by her boyfriend and left stranded at the Inn, charms Larry, Darryl, and Darryl into hiring her as a waitress. She then finds herself torn among three brothers who are all vying for her affections.

88 - Baby, I'm Your Handyman
George is infatuated with visiting actress Loretta Dupree and is surprised to discovers that she is interested in him. Meanwhile, Dick is wondering how to prevent his TV director, J.J., from buying a colonial landmark across from the Inn.

89 - Replaceable You
When Michael goes out of town on a new job interview, he appoints Alma Sproat (the receptionist) to act as Dick's producer.

90 - Pre-Nups
Dick, Joanna, Michael, and George are invited to accompany Stephanie to the Vanderkellen mansion to celebrate her father's birthday. However, all Mr. Vanderkellen seems to have on his mind is getting Michael to sign a prenuptial agreement.

91 - Co-Hostess Twinkle
Dick's television show is canceled, a victim of low ratings. However, before the cancellation blues can set in, Michael announces that Dick will host a new, modern, fast-moving show called "On the Town" and that Dick can even pick his own co-hostess.

92 - Camp Stephanie
Stephanie is determined to bring the "great outdoors" indoors when she takes over temporary leadership of a troop of 11-year-old Ranger Girls. However, her idea of teaching the girls survival techniques is more than a little confusing to her young charges when she explains how to handle a broken nail on the night of a coming-out party.

93 - Dick the Kid
While waiting for inspiration to write another "how-to" book, Dick reads a western novel that re-awakens his childhood dream of being a cowboy. Dressed in his cowboy outfit, he takes a short leave from the Inn and chases his dream west to a ranch where he is taken on as a hired hand.

94 - High Fidelity
When Dick is busy writing a new book, Joanna joins a wine tasting class and makes friends with a fellow classmate, Hal Foster. Almost immediately, Michael and some of Dick's other friends think the worst.

95 - Desperately Seeking Susan - Part 1
Working long hours with his new assistant, Susan , on a television anniversary special sparks an unexpected romance for Michael. The real fireworks fly when Stephanie hears about it and gives Michael the ultimatum of choosing between the two of them.

96 - Desperately Seeking Susan - Part 2
Behaving like a woman scorned, Stephanie shows up at the local television station's big anniversary party with the woman who has stolen his affections. In addition, Dick is annoyed when he learns that Michael has managed to botch his participation in the station's anniversary special.

97 - My Two and Only
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl may be heading for a split when their new friend, Sam, eases Larry out of the picture as leader of the trio.

98 - Thanksgiving for the Memories - THANKSGIVING
Dick's dream of an old-fashioned Thanksgiving is shattered when everything that could possibly go wrong does just that.

99 - Utley, Can You Spend a Dime
When Dick's check bounces, the whole town thinks he's destitute and George offers to lend him his life's savings.

Episodes 100-119