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40 - New Faces of 1951
When George admits he's never had a birthday party, Dick and Joanna make immediate plans to invite all of George's friends to a gala celebration. However, this proves somewhat more difficult than they'd imagined.

41 - Go, Grandma, Go
When Kirk's car breaks down as he and his new bride are starting out for their Niagara Falls honeymoon, Grandma Devane offers her car for the trip. It seems like a perfect solution until the highway patrol gets into the act.

42 - Leave It to the Beavers
The Loudons have their hands full with a strange guest and his "invisible" wife. To make matters worse, they mediate the first husband-and-wife dispute between Kirk and Cindy.

43 - Vermont Today
Show producer Michael Harris tells Dick he wants a "classy" guy for the new "classy" television talk show. Dick finally agrees, much to the delight of Joanna and all her friends.

44 - Send Her, Ella
Before Stephanie knows what's going on, she agrees to watch over the Inn while the Loudons make preparations for a beauty pageant. However, when the girls show up at the Inn, she becomes covetous of the prizes the girls will win.

45 - Tell a Lie, Get a Check
Dick is caught in a moral dilemma when he tries to sell Kirk's rundown cafe and is asked to do a tacky promo for his talk show.

46 - Twenty Year Itch
Despite Dick's disapproval, Joanna--backed by the romantic Stephanie--wants to keep a date made twenty years earlier with her handsome college boyfriend.

47 - A Hunting We Will Go
Dick's first hunting trip is taped for television and his stage-struck companions rush to get on camera.

48 - Miss Stephanie
After a grouchy guest sets off a spat between Stephanie and Michael, she unwittingly encourages the attention of Larry.

49 - But Seriously, Beavers
Dick's wisecracks at the Beaver Lodge roast for George as Man of the Year turn out to be a smash hit with everyone but the guest of honor.

50 - Tickets, Please
On his way to the biggest basketball game of the year, Dick is arrested for Stephanie's outstanding parking tickets.

51 - Poor Reception
After hiring Stephanie as the television station's new receptionist, Michael tries to figure out how to get out of firing her.

52 - The Fan
To Joanna's chagrin, Dick is delighted when a star-struck admirer wants to set up a fan club for him.

53 - Happy Trails to You
When TV producer Michael Harris brings unpleasant news about the talk show, Dick's own attorney advises settling, but the plaintiff insists on seeing him in court.

54 - Georgie's Girl
When George's new lady friend starts talking marriage, he gets skittish and turns to Dick for help in brushing her off.

55 - Pillow Fight
To thank Joanna for her help on his new book, Dick offers to make her co-author, only to have her propose a long string of changes in his work.

56 - Local Hero
George performs a life-saving feat. With the entire town looking for him, he imposes upon Dick and Joanna to keep his secret identity as the "local hero."

57 - Dick Gets Larry's Goat
When Dick complains about the marauding goat owned by Larry and his brothers Darryl, a feud ensues.

58 - Once I Had a Secret Love
It isn't all hearts and flowers when Joanna discovers that Dick doesn't want her to be his co-host on a special Valentine's Day episode of "Vermont Today." While the two get into an embarrassing exchange on the air, Stephanie gives Michael a hard time over the gift he had a stagehand pick out for her.

59 - Lady in Wading
Stephanie is torn by a romantic dilemma: Does she want pushy, poor Michael or his slick, rich, powerful boss? Dick intervenes and winds up in the bad graces of all concerned.

Episodes 60-79