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1 - In the Beginning
Dick Loudon and his wife, Joanna, refurbish an old inn and operate it as a hobby while Dick works on his novel and lectures at nearby universities and historical societies. In this first episode, Loudon finds himself in conflict with others who have a more romanticized image of early American history and the Inn.

2 - Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A-Mould'ring in the Grave
Dick and Joanna discover that a woman's body is buried in the basement of the Stratford Inn. No one in town seems to know why or how she got there. In the process of trying to get the body moved, Dick and Joanna discover the problem--the woman was tried and hung as a witch.

3 - Hail to the Councilman
Envisioning it as the first step in what could become a political career, Dick decides to run for Town Council. But town politics aren't quite what they're cracked up to be.

4 - Shall We Gather at the River
Dick reveals an uncanny ability to embarrass his lovely wife no matter how hard he tries to do the right thing. When Dick coaxes Joanna into attending the annual River Party which celebrates the first big freeze, she resists; but he insists.

5 - This Probably Is Condemned
Kirk informs the group that the Health and Safety Inspector has condemned his Minuteman Cafe. He cant reopen until he gets it up to code. When Dick, Joanna, Leslie, and George learn of Kirk's problem, they rally together to help a neighbor in need--not a good idea when that neighbor is Kirk.

6 - No Tigers at the Circus
Dick decides he wants to have the Stratford declared a historic landmark. However, upon inspection, the committee decides it does not qualify because, although it is beautiful, it is in no way out of the ordinary for that area. On hearing this, Dick goes into a deep depression and decides that if the Inn isn't good enough to be a landmark, he doesn't like it anymore.

7 - The Perfect Match
An old boyfriend of Leslie's shows up at the Stratford and he's her equal in everything--looks, talent, wealth. He is also a person who seems to win at everything he tries, and the thing he wants to win next is Leslie.

8 - Some are Born Writers... Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them
At Joanna's urging, Dick agrees to help a struggling writer whose husband is against the idea of her having a career. However, when the husband hears Dick's encouraging words, he gets so excited that he decides to not only give his wife moral support, but also quit his job.

9 - No Room at the Inn - HOLIDAY EPISODE
It's Christmas Eve. The Inn is full. A young carpenter and his very pregnant wife arrive asking for a room.

10 - The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet
A longtime friend of Leslie's, who happens to be the wife of a very prominent U.S. senator, arrives at the Stratford with the news that she is leaving the Senator. Dick and Joanna end up in the middle of the couple's reconciliation attempt.

11 - Sprained Dreams
Dick talks Leslie into taking him on his first ski trip. During the lesson, he falls on her and injures her knee. The doctor assures them she'll be fine in a couple of weeks and it will in no way affect her skiing, unless she's a world-class skier. The trouble is, that's exactly what Leslie is hoping to become.

12 - The Way We Thought We Were
The only woman George ever loved comes back into his life after a forty-year absence. But maybe it would have been better just to stick to the memories...

13 - The Visitors
A couple that Dick and Joanna met on vacation are coming to visit. Unfortunately, the couple sees Dick and Joanna as innkeepers first and friends second.

14 - What Is This Thing Called Lust
Kirk becomes the object of unbridled lust when Leslie's pretty cousin pays a visit to the Inn. Cousin Stephanie has sought out Leslie to soothe her frazzled nerves over her upcoming marriage.

15 - Breakfast Theater
Dick feels indebted to standup comic Manny Silver because the performer once paid him $7 for a series of jokes. He credits Silver with launching his writing career. Joanna doesn't agree with her husband and considers herself anything but a Silver fan.

16 - Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose
The Loudons are happily preparing to spend a few days attending a writers convention in New York when Devane announces that he's going in for surgery and needs their help. At first they decline, but a series of unusual circumstances (including a return of Larry, Darryl, and Darryl) turns their plans into a shambles.

17 - A View From the Bench
Dick, George, and Kirk head for Boston to see a professional basketball game, leaving Joanna and Leslie at home to tend the Inn.

18 - The Boy Who Cried Goat
Kirk Devane's penchant for lying comes to haunt him when an insurance investigator refuses to believe his story about being robbed. When the insurance investigator asks Dick if Kirk can be trusted, Dick tells the truth, which doesn't help Kirk's case.

19 - Heaven Knows Mr. Utley
George Utley becomes the laughing stock of the town when he claims to have seen a UFO--a "flying cup." Dick comes to George's defense even though he finds the story hard to believe.

Episodes 20-39