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20 - You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You
Joanna takes violent exception when Dick tells a magazine interviewer that his wife is a "terrific homebody" and decides to prove that she's much more than that by applying for a position at a local travel agency.

21 - Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have
Grandma Blanch Devane makes a surprise visit to the Inn. Unfortunately, she shows up on a day when Kirk finally gets his dream date with Leslie. He has no choice but to ask Grandma to accompany them.

22 - I Enjoy Being a Guy
Dick is delighted when asked to join a golf foursome until the "friendly" wagering gets way out of hand. Meanwhile, George goes clothes shopping with Kirk.

23 - It Happened One Afternoon - Part 1
Dick has a provocatively funny encounter with Erica Chase--a famous film star with a legendary reputation as a seducer of men. Joanna, familiar with Chase's reputation, reluctantly consents to Dick flying to New York to meet with her. During Dick's absence, Stephanie Vanderkellen shows up at the Inn with the sad story that she left her husband of two days and is seeking employment of some kind.

24 - It Happened One Afternoon - Part 2
The lovely Erica Chase hires Dick to write her autobiography and insists on developing a very intimate writer/subject relationship so she might bare her soul. Back at the Inn, Stephanie tells Joanna her parents have decided she should give up her new job and move back home.

25 - Animal Attraction
Stephanie's ex-husband and a stray sheep dog both show up at the Stratford Inn. Dick and Joanna convince Stephanie that she should explain to her husband why she left him after only two days of marriage.

26 - Stratford Wives
The Loudons are invited to attend their first Vermont potluck dinner. The fun wears off for Joanna when she has to join the women in the kitchen while the men sit down to enjoy their meal.

27 - The Girl from Manhattan
Dick reluctantly becomes involved when Joanna reveals that the little theater group has been doing a non-musical version of "My Fair Lady" for twenty-seven years. She talks him into dusting off his original play "The Girl from Manhattan," which he'd written for her some sixteen years earlier. The leading character is named Joanna, so naturally she thinks she's going to star in the production...

28 - Don't Rain on My Parade
Dick agrees to host a turkey dinner for the Thanksgiving Day Parade workers and Joanna winds up cooking dinner for the entire town.

29 - Lady & the Tramps
Stephanie is lost in a Vermont snowstorm and is rescued by Larry and his two brothers Darryl and Darryl.

30 - The Man Who Came Forever
Dick's attempt to finish a book assignment is delayed by the prospect of a miniature golf course, a permanent boarder, and his caretaker's retirement plan.

31 - The Looks of Love
Kirk launches a singles' club at the Stratford Inn in a thinly veiled attempt to discover the girl of his dreams.

32 - Kirk Goes for the Juggler
Kirk confides to the Loudons that this new girl, Cindy, is the most perfect woman he has ever met and worries about making a good impression. However, when he learns that Cindy earns her living as a clown, he reassesses his feelings.

33 - Jug of Wine, Loaf of Bread & Pow
Stephanie attends a poetry reading at local Dartmouth College to check out the eligible men and invites Joanna along as her "intellectual cover." However, the handsome poet ignores Stephanie completely, focusing his attention on Joanna.

34 - Cats
Stephanie is green with envy when her former Prince Charming shows up married to her former high school rival and best friend. What happens can best be likened to two cats vying for the same turf.

35 - Curious George at the Firehouse
George basks in the light of his new self-image, but a sudden crisis finds him calling out to Dick for help. Stephanie is given a chance to learn the true meaning of giving when Cindy invites her to act as a volunteer in a charity rummage sale.

36 - Book Beat
Dick guests on a television interview show and winds up as the program's new host. His eccentric first guest makes the job tougher than he thought.

37 - Kirk Pops the Questions
Dick tries to cope with the problems of a phobia-plagued guest. Meanwhile, Kirk is rapidly becoming a basket case as he attempts to ask pretty Cindy Parker the most important question of his life.

38 - Best Friends
When Kirk learns that the man from Rocket Burger is appealing to the City Council to grant him permission to build, he panics and entreats Dick to oppose the action in order to preserve the old-world integrity of the community.

39 - Kirk Ties One On
Dick and Joanna get the Inn ready for Kirk's marriage to Cindy Parker. Everyone is invited, including Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

Episodes 40-59