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91 - What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor
Shirley's brother returns home from the Navy, an alcoholic. Guest star: Ed Begley Jr

92 - You've Pushed Me Too Far
Lenny refuses to have anything to do with Squiggy after he pushes him into a garbage can from their second floor apartment window. Laverne and Shirley get the two friends to make up.

93 - The Wedding
Edna accepts a marriage proposal from Frank, who waited to the last minute to ask her. Laverne and Shirley end up singing at their wedding in an all black gospel choir.

94 - Bad Girls
The girls arrange for Edna's niece to join their old club, only to learn that the club has now become a street gang of thieves.

95 - You're in the Army Now Part 1
Laverne & Shirley enlist in the W.A.C.s to get even for a missed promotion. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

96 - You're in the Army Now Part 2
Laverne & Shirley regret joining the Army. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

97 - Take Two, They're Small
Lenny and Squiggy fix Laverne and Shirley up with computer dates, who turn out to be midgets.

98 - The 4th Annual Shotz Talent Show
A patriotic theme is in store for the fourth annual talent show.

99 - Testing Testing
The gang is terrified that their deep dark secrets are going to be revealed when they visit the company shrink.

100 - Not Quite South of the Border
The girls can't wait to go on a vacation to Mexico. Unfortunately when they get there, they find out that half of their hotel room is missing and they will have to share the room with another woman.

101 - You Ought to be in Pictures
The girls jump at the chance to be stars of a movie unaware that the film they will be starring in is an Army hygiene film. The director starts filming the movie and the girls find out they're playing hookers.

102 - The Beatnik Show
The girls coffee house performance attracts a band of beatniks. Guest star:Art Garfunkel. This episode has the famous Shirley Feeney scarf dance.

103 - The Right to Light
To protest a false bill the girls chain themselves inside the gas company building. What they don't know is that another disgruntled customer has planted a bomb in the building.

104 - Why Did the Fireman...
Laverne falls for a fireman who is always being called to duty. This episode has fireman Ted Danson going to propose to Laverne but before he gets a chance, he dies in the line of duty. Guest star:Ted Danson

105 - The Collector
The girls try to talk Carmine out of going to work for a loan shark. Guest star: Billy Sands

106 - Murder on the Moosejaw Express Part 1
The girls are riding the Moose Jaw Express when a murder victim enters their compartment. Guest stars: Charlene Tilton, Scatman Crothers

107 - Murder on the Moosejaw Express Part 2
Laverne and Shirley try to find out who the murderer is. Guest stars: Charlene Tilton, Scatman Crothers

108 - Survival Test
A mean Army sergeant (Sgt. Plout) takes the girls on a survival test against the men. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

109 - Antonio the Amazing
Laverne's Italian cousin arrives from Italy looking for a job.

110 - The Duke of Squigman
Squiggy sleepwalks thinking he is a rich duke. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

111 - The Diner
Lenny inherits a greasy spoon diner called 'Laslo's Place' and immediately renames it 'Dead Laslo's Place'. Laverne and Shirley, desperate for work, get hired to cook and serve as waitresses. Frank offers to buy the restaurant from Lenny.

112 - Separate Tables
To overcome her fear of being alone, Shirley persuades Laverne to eat in a Chinese restaurant by herself. Guest star: Pat Morita

113 - Not Quite New York
After being fired from the brewery, the girls decide to pack up and move out to California, but the only way they can afford to get out there is to have Lenny and Squiggy drive them there in an old ice cream truck.

114 - Welcome to Burbank
After experiencing an earthquake on their first night in California, the girls are ready to return to Milwaukee . This episode introduces the new characters of Rhonda and Sonny.

115 - Studio City
The girls are hired to play stunt women in a Troy Donohue movie. Guest star:Troy Donohue

116 - Grand Opening
In order to pay Shirley back some of the money she owes her, Laverne agrees to be the target in Sonny's knife throwing act at Cowboy Bill's grand opening.

117 - Candy is Dandy
The girls finally get jobs in California as gift wrappers at Bardwell's Department Store. On their first day on the job Laverne gets tipsy after eating candy laced with alcohol.

118 - The Dating Game
Lenny and Squiggy appear in on the television show 'The Dating Game'. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

119 - The Other Woman
Shirley finally gets to date a Doctor, the trouble is she looks exactly like his old wife.

120 - The Road to Burbank
There is a dispute over who should pay the bill when Lenny and Squiggy trash a hotel room on their way to California and try to blame it on Laverne and Shirley.

Episodes 121-150