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121 - Born Too Late
Lenny and Squiggy imagine that they are stars in a flashback series of silent movies.

122 - Love Out the Window
After learning that Laverne fears for his safety, Sonny quits his job as a stuntman and takes a job selling insurance.

123 - Malibu Mansion
The owner of the Cowboy Bill's chain of restaurants hires the girls to house sit his Malibu beachfront mansion for the weekend. While he is away, the girls throw a beach party which gets gate crashed by a gang of bikers.

124 - To Tell the Truth
Stuck at home on a rainy night with nothing to do, the gang decides to play a game of 'truth or dare'. Within minutes, everybody is arguing with each other. Also, the fact that Shirley stuffs socks down her bra is revealed to all her friends. This episode has the famous chocolate pudding in Shirley's face gag.

125 - I Do, I Do
The girls almost marry two rock stars from Britain after eating marijuana-laced brownies.

126 - But Seriously Folks
Carmine's new stand up comedy act is not popular with his friends when he starts making fun of them. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

127 - The Bardwell Caper Part 1
Believing that she and Shirley have been passed over for a raise, Laverne writes an insulting letter to her boss.

128 - The Bardwell Caper Part 2
After learning that they are indeed getting a raise, the girls try to retrieve the letter that Laverne wrote before the boss has a chance to read it. The only problem is that the boss's office is guarded by a state of the art security system.

129 - High Priced Dates
The girls turn to Edna for advice when their dates expect 'rewards'.

130 - Fifth Anniversary
The girls throw Frank and Edna a fifth wedding anniversary party at their trailer.

131 - Out, Out Damned Plout
Sgt. Plout goes AWOL and decides to hide out at the girl's apartment.

132 - Laverne's Broken Leg
After missing a party because of a broken leg, Laverne falls asleep watching 'It's A Wonderful Life' on TV. She dreams what life would be like for her friends and her family if she had never been born.

133 - Sing, Sing, Sing
Laverne asks Carmine to give her singing lessons so that she can sing for Hoot Night at Cowboy Bill's. This episode was directed by Cindy Williams.

134 - Child's Play
Because of Squiggy's forgetfulness, Laverne and Shirley must play all the parts in Shirley's play 'Murder In Mother Goose Land', which a Broadway producer attends.

135 - The Most Important Day Ever
Laverne and Shirley appear on television as part of a Latvian acrobatic act in an effort to help Lenny and Squiggy's new talent agency.

136 - It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Laverne and Shirley reminisce about high school days only to find themselves embroiled in a slugfest that leaves Laverne with a broken jaw.

137 - I Wonder What Became of Sal
Laverne's old boyfriend Sal, who she almost married in Milwaukee, comes to California looking for her. Now Sal is a successful millionaire businessman and he once again proposes to Laverne.

138 - Teenage Lust
The girls attend a wild fraternity party and find out they're not as young as they used to be.

139 - The Defiant One
Shirley finds herself mistakenly handcuffed to a bankrobber who is forced to take her with him when he escapes from the police.

140 - Night at the Awards
When Lenny and Squiggy invade the backstage of a televised awards show, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the stage with Joey Heatherton.

141 - Some Enchanted Earring
Laverne accidentally loses one of her mother's diamond earrings.

142 - Moving In
Laverne moves in with her new boyfriend but begins to have second thoughts after having a talk with Lenny.

143 - Friendly Persuasion
While wrapping in Bardwell's one day, Charles Grodin comes in and chats with the girls. Laverne mistakenly thinks he's asking her out and invites him over for dinner. Guest star: Charles Grodin

144 - I Do, I Don't
Shirley tries to get Carmine to marry her after she is provided with a free wedding reception.

145 - Love is the Tar Pits
Squiggy is jealous of Lenny's new girlfriend.

146 - Watch the Fur Fly
After Shirley yells at Rhonda for wearing a coat made of animal fur, Laverne unknowingly sets Shirley up on a date with a furrier. Guest star: Jeff Goldblum

147 - Rocky Ragu
Carmine auditions for a movie role as a boxer.

148 - Star Peepers
The girls vow to get revenge on a singing star who was rude to them at Bardwell's. They figure the way to get revenge is to take incriminating pictures of him and sell them to a tabloid.

149 - An Affair to Forget
Laverne is dating a guy but doesn't know that he is married. He takes her to a restaurant for dinner and his wife shows up. Not wanting his wife to know he's there on a date, he throws Laverne in the big aquarium which is in the restaurant. Guest star: Angelica Huston

150 - Class of '56
Laverne, Shirley and Carmine go back to Milwaukee to attend their high school reunion. What they don't know, however is that the gang back home thinks that the girls are famous movie stars and that Carmine is a famous Las Vegas singer.

Episodes 151-178