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1 - The Society Party [Pilot]
Laverne and Shirley, who work on the bottle-capping line of Shotz Brewery, are thrilled when Tad Shotz, the owner's nephew, invites Shirley to a fancy dinner party. Shirley won't accept unless Laverne can go with her - so they both receive invitations, but don't have dresses suitable for the occasion. Lenny and Squiggy offer to help them out by renting gowns from "an uncle's wax museum". Guest star: Henry Winkler

2 - The Bachelor Party
Laverne rents out her father's pizza parlor to Fonzie for a bachelor party and persuades Shirley to serve Fonzie's guests while she makes pizzas. When the bachelor party backfires, the girls are called upon to help the usually cool Fonzie save face. Guest star: Henry Winkler

3 - Bowling For Razzberries
It's a battle for the annual Shotz Brewery Bowling Championship and Laverne and her team are determined to defeat the Public Relations Department's team. However, Laverne has a cold and can't bowl in the tournament.

4 - A Nun Story
Unaware that she is now a nun, Laverne and Shirley expect one of their old, wild friends to turn their class reunion into a success.

5 - Faulter At The Altar
Laverne suddenly decides to marry her boyfriend after only dating for two months. Shirley objects at the rehearsal. Guest star: Al Molinaro

6 - One Flew Over Milwaukee
Shirley drives everyone crazy worrying about her pet canary who flew away.

7 - Dog Day Blind Dates
Laverne and Shirley meet two strange guys on a blind date. Their dates blow up the men's room of the Pizza Bowl and hold the girls hostage while trying to rob the bank next door.

8 - Once Upon A Rumor
Lenny sees Shirley half-dressed with Squiggy in the Shotz Brewery locker room and assumes they had a "fling". When the rumor spreads that Shirley is a "fun date," she is besieged with phone calls asking for a date and Squiggy becomes a hero. The girls try to find a way to make the culprit confess the truth.

9 - It's The Water
The girls vie for a promotion at the brewery. Laverne learns, to her dismay, that there's more to it than meets the eye - or the taste. The executive, who has more on his mind than business, promotes Shirley to official beer taster, knowing she gets dizzy when she sips beer,

10 - Dating Slump

Laverne is upset when Shirley becomes reclusive and decides not to go out on any dates after learning that her reliable boyfriend, Carmine Ragusa, has another sweetheart. Guest star: Mark Harmon

11 - Fake Out At The Stake Out
Laverne becomes a decoy to help catch a thief who has stolen some of Laverne and Shirley's favorite clothes.

12 - Hi Neighbor
Laverne and Shirley get more than they bargained for when Lenny and Squiggy set up a bachelor pad in the girls' apartment building. This episode was written by David Landers and Michael McKean.

13 - How Do You Say 'Are You Dead?' In German?
A German delivery man faints in Laverne and Shirley's house. When they can't revive him, they realize it's not a prank.

14 - Suds To Stardom
Laverne and Shirley's determination to win a place in the brewery's annual talent show gains them a bittersweet victory. They rehearse a wild calypso number for their audition, but are turned down by their old nemesis, Gloria Lubitz, an ex-Rockette who now heads the company's show.

15 - Mother Knows Worst
When Shirley's domineering mother comes for a visit, she finds fault with Shirley, her friends, and everything else about Shirley's life. Laverne sets her straight.

16 - Drive She Said
In an effort to keep up with Fonzie's girlfriend, Pinky Tuscadero, Shirley decides to buy a car. She convinces Laverne to go "halfsies" with her - only to learn that Laverne can't drive.

17 - Angel Of Mercy
Shirley tries to talk Laverne into working as a volunteer nurse at a hospital. Laverne resists until her latest heartthrob, Jerry Callihan, enters the hospital for an operation.

18 - Bachelor Mother

The Fonz visits Laverne and Shirley and drops off a surprise bundle - a baby! The girls are faced with a dateless Saturday night at home, the TV doesn't work and they have to baby-sit. As they settle into a quiet night, their Chicago boy friends call and invite them for a night out at the famed Chez Paree. There is an unexpected turn of events when they get Lenny and Squiggy to watch the baby. Guest star: Henry Winkler

19 - Excuse Me, May I Cut In?
GS:Ron Howard, Anson Williams
The girls convince two high school students into taking them to a dance contest to win a TV. Richie and Potsie from 'Happy Days' are the dance partners. Potsie gets injured and can't dance so Laverne teams up with Richie at the last minute to win the prize.

20 - Bridal Shower
When Laverne and Shirley are invited to a bridal shower for one of their old high school classmates, they feel like old maids.

21 - Look Before You Leap
After attending a big bash at the brewery, Laverne blacks out can't recall the night's events, and is worried about how she behaved.

22 - Dear Future Model
Laverne and Shirley become jealous when they see how the guys flip for a pretty model at the Pizza Bowl. They decide to enroll in a correspondence modeling school in order to become the "new you".

23 - Good Time Girls
The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their name and phone number on several men's room walls.

24 - Two Of Our Weirdo's Are Missing
Lenny and Squiggy disappear after Laverne and Shirley decide not to go to the circus with them.

25 - Oh Hear the Angels Voices
Laverne, Shirley, and their friends entertain at a hospital Christmas party by singing "Silent Night".

26 - Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent
Laverne is arrested for shoplifting and Shirley tries to get her released.

27 - Anniversary Show
While the girls are stuck at a train station in Canada, the rest of the gang waits to throw them a surprise party at the Pizza Bowl. To pass the time, they sit around and reminisce through flashbacks of scenes from previous episodes.

28 - Playing Hooky
Everything goes wrong when the girls play hooky from work.

29 - Guinea Pigs
The girls become guinea pigs to raise money to go to a cocktail party. Laverne is only allowed to sleep for a few minutes at a time and Shirley is forced to eat dirt.

30 - Call Me a Taxi
When they get laid off, the girls take jobs as taxi dancers. Shirley pads out her bra with tissue paper to get more customers.

Episodes 31-60