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31 - Steppin' Out
Laverne and Shirley are asked out by two "dreamboats", but when they start to prepare themselves for a fun-filled evening, everything goes wrong.

32 - Buddy Can You Spare A Father
Shirley goes to a sleazy bar to look for her father.

33 - Honeymoon Motel
Shirley wins a vacation at a newlywed hotel and the girls plan to use Carmine to fool the hotel staff into letting them both in.

34 - Hi Neighbor Book 2
When Lenny and Squiggy get stood up, Laverne and Shirley come to the rescue. Lenny and Squiggy take the girls to a posh restaurant, where Squiggy sees his date with another guy at the same restaurant. This episode was written by David Landers and Michael McKean.

35 - Frank's Fling
Laverne asks Lenny, Squiggy and Carmine to dress up as gangsters in order to scare away a golddigger who wants to marry her father.

36 - Haunted House
The girls want new furniture and look for a used couch, in a haunted house. Shirley discovers that Abe Lincoln once slept in the house, suggests they have the house marked as a piece of history, and ultimately saves the building.

37 - Lonely At the Middle
When Shirley is promoted to supervisor, she tries to introduce time saving ideas which don't go over well with her co-workers who begin hating her.

38 - Citizen Krane
Milwaukee's most prominent citizen, Charles Feister Crane, decides to make Laverne and Shirley his newest singing discovery, a singing duet called 'The Rosebuds'.

39 - Airport '59
Laverne and Shirley take their first plane trip. But when their pilot faints at the controls, they end up flying it.

40 - Tag Team Wrestling
Laverne teams up to enter a charity wrestling match.

41 - The Pact
Laverne and Shirley get into a huge fight after Shirley's new boyfriend asks Laverne out. In the end, the girls make a pact and agree to never let a guy come between them again.

42 - The Robot Lawsuit
A giant robot attacks Laverne in a toy store and she decides to sue the company.

43 - Laverne's Arranged Marriage
Laverne's father arranges for her to marry a wealthy cheese manufacturer who happens to be in the mob.

44 - Cruise Part 1
In order to earn extra money for their vacation, the girls take a job, dressed as Jack and Jill, selling children's shoes.

45 - Cruise Part 2
Laverne and Shirley go on a Great Lakes cruise and Shirley falls for one of the ship's crew. Also, Lenny and Squiggy are caught aboard as stowaways and sent back to shore.

46 - Laverne & Shirley Meet Fabian
Fabian's concert is sold out, but the girls still want to see him. They bet Rosie that they can not only meet Fabian, but have their pictures taken with him, too. Rosie agrees saying that if she loses she'll clean the girls flat with her toothbrush. Needless to say Rosie is soon scrubbing the floors, toothbrush and all. Guest star: Fabian

47 - The Stakeout
When Carmine is suspected of being a counterfeiter, the FBI uses Laverne and Shirley's apartment as a stakeout to catch him in the act.

48 - Shirley's Operation
Shirley panics in the hospital and has her friends, who are dressed in Alice in Wonderland costumes, looking for her.

49 - Take My Plants, Please
When the girls get laid off they go to work for themselves selling flowers and plants door to door.

50 - New Years Eve 1960
It is New Years Eve and Laverne is dumped by her date and Shirley has a cold. Squiggy does his human fly stunt as the countdown to the new year.

51 - The Mortician
Laverne has a crush on a mortician who is more interested in her dead than alive. To help her chances of getting to know the mortician better Laverne asks Shirley to pretend she is dying.

52 - The Horse Show
Shirley rescues a horse from a glue factory and puts it in her bedroom. The girls then try to find a new home for 'Buttercup' before she's turned into glue. In the end Lenny and Squiggy save the day by finding a farmer with a nice pasture who's willing to let the horse live out the remainder of it's days in contentment.

53 - The Slow Child
Edna's learning impaired daughter is left with Laverne & Shirley, but later disappears with Lenny. Lenny falls for Edna's daughter not realizing that she's slow. The two go for a walk, and L&S go crazy trying to find them. Edna goes mad when she finds out that her little girl was out with Lenny, not realizing that her daughter is a lot more capable than she gives her credit for.

54 - The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show
Mr. Shotz wants the girls to find a spot in the talent show for his no talent nephew. 'Night After Night'(Lyrics to Lenny & Squiggy's Song.)

55 - The Dentist
Laverne has a chipped tooth and visits Shirley's brother, who is a dentist. As a favor to Shirley, Laverne allows Shirley's dentist brother to fix the tooth. The only problem is he's a lousy dentist and Laverne can't let on that he's doing a terrible job as Shirley's brother's boss is watching every move he makes.

56 - The Bus Stop
The girls take a bus to a distant city to visit two medical students who leave them stranded.

57 - The Driving Test
Unless Squiggy passes his driving test, he will lose his job, so the entire gang decide to help him out.

58 - The Obstacle Course
Shirley takes an obstacle course for a volunteer policewoman's job at L.A.M.P.S. (Ladies Auxiliary Milwaukee Police).

59 - The Debutante Ball
Laverne and Lenny go to a debutantes ball where Lenny learns he is 89th in line for the Polish throne.

60 - 2001 A Comedy Odyssey
Laverne dreams she and Shirley are in their 80's still living together and still single. In her dream , they marry Lenny and Squiggy, who are also still single, so they can have some fun.

Episodes 61-90