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141 - Samantha's Wedding Present
Endora shrinks Darrin to miniature size and he is mistaken for a leprechaun by a drunk.

142 - Samantha Goes South for a Spell
Samantha is sent to post-Civil War New Orleans by the jealous wife of one of Serena's boyfriends. Guest stars JACK CASSIDY and ISABEL SANFORD.

143 - Samantha on the Keyboard
Endora turns Tabitha into a world-class pianist.

144 - Darrin Gone and Forgotten
Carlotta the witch kidnaps Darrin because she believes that Samantha was promised to her son Juke. Guest star MERCEDES MCCAMBRIDGE.

145 - It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House
Darrin inadvertently takes Serena on a second honeymoon.

146 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Endora turns Darrin into the vainest man in the world, causing him to dress extravagantly in front of Larry's new client.

147 - Samantha's French Pastry
In his attempt to whip up Napoleon pastries, Uncle Arthur conjures up the real Napoleon. Guest star HENRY GIBSON.

148 - Is it Magic or Imagination?
A diaper manufacturer decides to use one of Samantha's ideas, and this bothers Darrin.

149 - Samantha Fights City Hall
Samantha protests the building of a supermarket to replace a neighborhood playground. Guest star VIC TAYBACK.

150 - Samantha Loses Her Voice
Uncle Arthur switches Samantha's and Darrin's voices.

151 - I Don't Want to Be a Toad
Tabitha turns a schoolmate into a butterfly.

152 - Weep No More, My Willow
Samantha's ailing willow tree will not weep with the breeze. Dr. Bombay, in a botched attempt to cure the tree, causes Samantha to weep instead.

153 - Instant Courtesy
Thanks to Endora, Darrin becomes a perfect gentleman.

154 - Samantha's Super Maid
Neither Samantha nor Darrin have the heart to fire their new maid.

155 - Serena Strikes Again (Part 1)
Serena turns one of Darrin's sexy clients into a chimpanzee and then disappears.

156 - Serena Strikes Again (Part 2)
Serena returns, but the chimpanzee has escaped.

157 - One Touch of Midas
Endora helps out Darrin by creating a foolproof marketing plan for his new product, the Fuzz Doll.

158 - Samantha the Bard
Samantha can't stop speaking in rhyme at a dinner party at the Tates'.

159 - Samantha the Sculptress
Endora conjures up a pair of living clay busts of Darrin and Larry.

160 - Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?
Serena turns Darrin's mother into a cat. A non-Darrin episode.

161 - Marriage, Witches Style
Serena goes to a computer dating service to get hitched with a mortal. Guest star JOHN FIEDLER. A non-Darrin episode.

162 - Going Ape
Tabitha turns a chimpanzee into a man, who is then picked to be a model for a cologne ad. Guest star DANNY BONADUCE. A non-Darrin episode.

163 - Tabitha's Weekend
Tabitha spends a weekend with Darrin's parents and turns herself into a cookie. A non-Darrin episode.

164 - The Battle of Burning Oak
Darrin is turned into a major snob when he is being considered for membership in an exclusive club. Guest star EDWARD ANDREWS.

165 - Samantha's Power Failure
Samantha has her powers taken away because she is married to a mortal. Uncle Arthur and Serena give up their powers in protest and wind up working in an ice cream parlor. A non-Darrin episode.

166 - Samantha Twitches for UNICEF
Sam uses witchcraft to get a millionaire to make good on his pledge to UNICEF. Guest star BERNIE KOPELL. A non-Darrin episode.

167 - Daddy Does His Thing
Maurice turns Darrin into a mule when he turns down a birthday gift.

168 - Samantha's Good News
Maurice arrives with a beautiful witch he claims is his secretary and this makes Endora jealous. In this episode Samantha announces that she is due to have another baby. A non-Darrin episode.

169 - Samantha's Shopping Spree
Sam, Endora, Tabitha, and Cousin Henry go to a department store, and Henry turns a salesman into a mannequin. A non-Darrin episode.

170 - Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City
The Stephenses travel to Mexico, but Darrin is placed under Endora's spell which causes him to vanish every time he speaks Spanish. This is the last episode to feature Dick York as Darrin.

171 - Samantha and the Beanstalk
Tabitha is jealous of her soon to arrive baby brother so she enters the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Guest stars JOHNNY WHITAKER and DEACON JONES.

172 - Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid
Endora introduces Samantha to Esmerelda so she can have a maid to take care of the new baby when he arrives. Esmerelda sneezes up a unicorn by accident.

173 - Samantha's Caesar Salad
While making a Caesar salad, Esmerelda accidentally conjures up Julius Caesar.

174 - Samantha's Curious Cravings
Samantha develops a strange illness; every time she craves a food, it appears. Guest star WILLIAM SCHALLERT.

175 - And Something Makes Four
Samantha gives birth to a boy, and Maurice casts a spell so that everyone will love him. Guest star PAT PRIEST.

176 - Naming Samantha's New Baby
Maurice zaps Darrin into the hall mirror because he wants to name his new son after his father.

177 - To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat
After arguing about Halloween with Darrin, Endora turns him into a stereotypical witch.

178 - A Bunny for Tabitha
At Tabitha's birthday party, Uncle Arthur conjures up a Playboy bunny. Guest stars DANNY BONADUCE, BERNIE KOPELL and CAROL WAYNE.

179 - Samantha's Secret Spell
Endora threatens to turn Darrin into a mouse unless he apologizes. Guest star BERNIE KOPELL. A remake of episode #39.

180 - Daddy Comes for a Visit
Maurice gives Darrin a magic watch, which ends up getting him addicted to witchcraft. Guest star JOHN FIEDLER. Part one of two.

181 - Darrin the Warlock
Darrin decides to give up the magic watch after losing control at the office. Guest star JOHN FIEDLER. Part two of two.

182 - Samantha's Double Mother Trouble
Esmerelda sneezes up Mother Goose.

183 - You're So Agreeable
By trying to be nice to Endora, Darrin gets on her nerves. So she transforms him to a highly agreeable yes-man.

184 - Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays
Esmerelda sneezes up Santa Claus and his elves.

185 - Samantha's Better Halves
A remake of episode #69. Endora splits Darrin into two people, a workaholic and a vacation-holic.

186 - Samantha's Lost Weekend
Samantha drinks a hexed glass of milk intended by Esmerelda to help Tabitha regain her appetite. Now Samantha can't stop eating. Guest stars BERNIE KOPELL and PAT PRIEST.

187 - The Phrase Is Familiar
Endora causes Darrin to speak only in cliches, displeasing Larry, who would like to hear more original ideas from his executive.

188 - Samantha's Secret Is Discovered
Darrin's mother Phyllis thinks she's lost her mind after Samantha confesses to her that she is a witch. Guest star BERNIE KOPELL.

189 - Tabitha's Very Own Samantha
Tabitha creates a duplicate Samantha to take care only of her and not her younger brother.

190 - Super Arthur
After tangling with Dr. Bombay, Arthur becomes everything he thinks of, including Superman.

191 - What Makes Darrin Run
Thanks to Endora, Darrin becomes obsessed with work.

192 - Serena Stops the Show
Serena wants to hire the musical duo Boyce & Hart to play for the witches' annual dinner dance. Guest stars TOMMY BOYCE and BOBBY HART.

193 - Just a Kid Again
Tabitha transforms a department store salesman into a nine-year-old. Guest star PAT PRIEST.

194 - The Generation Zap
Samantha becomes jealous when the daughter of Darrin's client falls in love with him.

195 - Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?
Samantha becomes magically locked inside her house, along with Darrin, Endora, Esmerelda, and Dr. Bombay.

196 - A Chance on Love
One of Darrin's clients falls for Serena, thinking that she's Samantha. A remake of episode #3. Guest star JACK CASSIDY.

197 - If the Shoe Pinches
A leprechaun makes Darrin's nose grow and gives him donkey ears. Guest star HENRY GIBSON.

198 - Mona Sammy
Darrin is mistaken for an artist when the Tates see a portrait of Samantha in the style of the Mona Lisa.

199 - Turn on the Old Charm
A magic amulet makes Endora behave quite politely in front of Darrin. Guest star JOHN FIEDLER.

200 - Make Love, Not Hate
A love potion intended for Esmerelda is swallowed by the wrong people at dinner party thrown by the Stephenses.

Episodes 201-254