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201 - To Go or Not to Go, That is the Question
Hepzibah, the High Priestess of All Witches, comes to the Stephens home to observe Samantha's mixed marriage. Part one of two.

202 - Salem, Here We Come
Samantha persuades Hepzibah to let Darrin accompany her on a trip to the Witches Convention in Salem. Part two of two.

203 - The Salem Saga
In Salem, a haunted antique bed warmer follows Darrin and Samantha to their hotel. Part one of two.

204 - Samantha's Hot Bed Warmer
Samantha determines that the bed warmer is a warlock who was transformed by Serena a few centuries ago. Sam summons her cousin to understand what led to this transformation. Part two of two.

205 - Darrin on a Pedestal
In Gloucester, Massachusetts, Serena turns Darrin into the statue of the famed Helmsman.

206 - Paul Revere Rides Again
Esmerelda mistakenly conjures up Paul Revere. Guest star BERT CONVY.

207 - Samantha's Bad Day in Salem
Samantha's childhood warlock friend Waldo creates a robot version of Samantha.

208 - Samantha's Old Salem Trip
Esmerelda sends Samantha back to seventeenth-century Salem. When Darrin travels back in time to rescue her, he is accused of being a witch.

209 - Samantha's Pet Warlock
A former warlock boyfriend of Samantha's wants to win her back and turns himself into a dog after she rejects him. Guest star EDWARD ANDREWS.

210 - Samantha's Old Man
Endora turns Darrin into an old man. Louise Tate is told that this is Darrin's grandfather, and she decides to set him up with her aunt Millicent. Guest star EDWARD PLATT.

211 - The Corsican Cousins
Endora casts a spell on cousins Samantha and Serena, which lets Sam experience everything Serena does.

212 - Samantha's Magic Potion
Samantha cures Darrin's creative slump with a fake magic potion.

213 - Sisters at Heart
Tabitha's black friend Lisa wishes she could be Tabitha's sister. Tabitha magically places black and white polka dots on both of them to make Lisa's wish come true. The story for this episode was created by the English Class at Thomas Jefferson High School in 1970.

214 - Mother-in-Law of the Year
Endora is chosen to be Mother-in-Law of the Year in connection with advertising Bobbins Bonbons. Guest star JOHN MCGIVER.

215 - Mary, the Good Fairy
Mary, the Good Fairy, arrives at the Stephens' home to collect Tabitha's lost tooth. After she becomes incapacitated, Samantha has to take her place on the job. Guest star IMOGENE COCA. Part one of two.

216 - The Good Fairy Strikes Again
Samantha tires of substituting for Mary, the Good Fairy. Guest stars IMOGENE COCA and VIC TAYBACK. Part two of two.

217 - Return of Darrin the Bold
In order to turn Darrin into a warlock, Serena must travel to 14th century Ireland to pluck the beard of his ancestor, Darrin the Bold.

218 - The House That Uncle Arthur Built
Arthur transfers all his practical jokes to the Stephens house. This is the last Uncle Arthur episode.

219 - Samantha and the Troll
While Samantha is away, Serena brings Tabitha's toys to life during one of Darrin's parties. Guest star ROBERT CUMMINGS.

220 - This Little Piggie
Endora gives Darrin the head of a pig.

221 - Mixed Doubles
Samantha wakes up in bed next to Larry, while Louise wakes up in bed next to Darrin. Both husbands believe they are with their own wives.

222 - Darrin Goes Ape
Serena turns Darrin into a gorilla.

223 - Money Happy Returns
Darrin finds a thousand dollars in a cab and he thinks Endora is responsible.

224 - Out of the Mouths of Babes
Endora turns Darrin into a ten-year-old boy and he meets another kid who helps him with an ad campaign. A remake of episode #46.

225 - Sam's Psychic Slip
Every time Samantha hiccups, bicycles appear.

226 - Samantha's Magic Mirror
Sam conjures up a mirror double of Esmerelda in order to boost her confidence with her boyfriend. Guest star TOM BOSLEY. A remake of episode #47.

227 - Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Endora first casts a spell on Darrin that turns him into an obnoxious comic. Then she replaces it with a spell that makes him tell jokes at sad situations. Guest star MARCIA WALLACE.

228 - Samantha and the Antique Doll
Darrin's mother witnesses witchcraft being performed by Tabitha and Adam. Sam convinces her that what she is seeing is a product of her subconscious energy.

229 - How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part One)
During a trip to England, Samantha is zapped back to the court of King Henry VIII. Endora sends Darrin to rescue her.

230 - How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part Two)
Samantha does not recognize Darrin when he arrives, and she's about to be married to King Henry VIII (and possibly beheaded).

231 - Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
When the Stephenses meet up with the Loch Ness Monster, they discover that he is really a warlock named Bruce who was transformed to his current state by Serena. Guest star BERNIE KOPELL.

232 - Samantha's Not-So-Leaning Tower of Pisa
Esmerelda, recalling that is she who is responsible for making the Tower of Pisa lean, restores it to an upright position.

233 - Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni
In Rome, Endora brings a statue of Venus to life in order to test Darrin's fidelity. Samantha counters this by bringing a statue of Adonis to life. Guest star AL MOLINARO.

234 - Paris, Witches' Style
Endora endeavors to protect Darrin from the wrath of Maurice by zapping up a replica of Darrin. When Maurice finds out the truth, he zaps the real Darrin to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

235 - The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself
In a haunted English castle, a ghost inhabits Darrin's body because he's in love with Sam.

236 - TV or Not TV
Tabitha becomes a star on children's TV show.

237 - A Plague on Maurice and Samantha
Samantha's loss of her powers will spread to any witch or warlock she kisses, including Maurice.

238 - Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland
Tabitha trades places with Hansel and Gretel.

239 - The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit
Endora uses a hippie warlock named Alonzo to jeopardize Darrin's position at McMann and Tate. Guest star BERNIE KOPELL.

240 - The Eight-Year Witch
Endora enlists catwitch Ophelia to seduce Darrin. Guest star JULIE NEWMAR. A remake of episode #11.

241 - Three Men and a Witch on a Horse
Darrin becomes a winner at the race track thanks to Endora's magic. Guest stars JOHN FIEDLER and SCATMAN CROTHERS.

242 - Adam, Warlock or Washout
Adam is tested for his magical powers by members of the Witches' Council. The last Maurice episode.

243 - Samantha's Magic Sitter
Esmerelda becomes a sitter for another couple and tells them that she is a witch. A remake of episode #27.

244 - Samantha is Earthbound
Samantha balloons up to 518 pounds. When Dr. Bombay cures her, she becomes lighter than air.

245 - Serena's Richcraft
Serena has fun with one of Darrin's clients, the wealthy Harrison Woolcott, who falls for her. Guest star PETER LAWFORD. A remake of episodes #3 and #196.

246 - Samantha on Thin Ice
Endora turns Tabitha into a fabulous ice skater. A remake of episode #143.

247 - Serena's Youth Pill
Serena gives Larry a youth pill which makes him younger but also keeps regressing him towards infancy. This is the last Serena episode.

248 - Tabitha's First Day at School
Tabitha turns a school bully into a frog.

249 - George Washington Zapped Here (Part 1)
Esmerelda mistakenly zaps up George Washington.

250 - George Washington Zapped Here (Part 2)
George Washington defends his identity in court. Later he is persuaded to take part in an advertising campaign. Episodes #249 and #250 are remakes of episodes #87 and #88.

251 - School Days, School Daze
Endora turns Tabitha into a genius, and school officials become curious.

252 - A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
Darrin accuses Samantha of using witchcraft to help him with an advertising campaign for a mattress manufacturer. A remake of episode #5.

253 - Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
Samantha asks Dr. Bombay to help rid her of the red stripes on her face. Guest stars RETA SHAW and BERNIE KOPELL. A remake of episode #42.

254 - The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam
Endora creates a pin that makes its wearer become totally honest. Trouble occurs when Darrin wears it at the office. A remake of episode #50.

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