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120 - Casanova Cunningham
Richie must escort a baton twirler to the frat dance, but he tells Lori Beth that he will be out with the police on a journalism case.

121 - Kid Stuff
Fonzie bonds with his girlfriend's son, whose father, like his, walked out on him.

122 - Sweet Sixteen
Joanie's date for the upcoming Sweet Sixteen party is an amorous quarterback who doesn't take no for an answer.
Guest stars: Ray Underwood and Dan Spector.

123 - Fearless Malph
Richie wants to use Ralph as a subject in his college paper about fear.
Guest star: Leon Askin.

124 - The Evil Eye
A little old lady puts a curse on Al.

125 - The Claw Meets the Fonz
A gangster wants to take over Al's restaurant.
Guest stars: Arthur Batanides and Phillip Pine.

126 - The Fonz is Allergic to Girls
Fonzie finds he has an allergy to girls.

127 - The First Thanksgiving
Marion tells a story about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

128 - The Kissing Bandit
Richie is arrested for being a kissing bandit.

129 - The Magic Show
A magician drinks a glass of vodka instead of water, leaving Fonzie to perform his magic act.
Guest star: The Amazing Randi.

130 - Richie Gets Framed
Richie's opponent in the election for class president is offering free beer and shorter classes.

131 - Christmas Time
Fonzie has bitter Christmas memories about his father.
Guest star: Eddie Fontaine.

132 - Smokin' Ain't Cool
Fonzie tries to prove to Joanie that she shouldn't smoke.

133 - Ralph Vs. Potsie
Ralph and Potsie write to the newspaper's Aunt Fanny advice column about their roommate troubles, unaware that Richie is Aunt Fanny.

134 - Stolen Melodies
Leather Tuscadero and the boys audition for a musical talent show, only to have their songs stolen from them.
Guest star: Fred S. Fox.

135 - Married Strangers
Howard and Marion go on a second honeymoon.
Guest star: Vito Scotti.

136 - Marion Fairy Godmother
Fonzie's advice turns Ralph Malph into a dashing romantic and Marion's feminine touch transforms Leather Tuscadero into a lovely young lady when the gang goes to a military ball.

137 - Fonzie's Funeral, Part 1
The Fonz discovers counterfeit bills in a coffin while fixing a hearse. He leaves the garage to return the hearse to the owner, and is never seen again.
Guest star: Cliff Emmich.

138 - Fonzie's Funeral, Part 2
Everyone believes the Fonz is dead and a funeral is held.

139 - Mork Returns
Mork returns to Earth to learn about relationships in the 1960s.
Guest star: Robin Williams.

140 - The Duel
Fonzie fights a duel with a bigoted Frenchman.
Guest star: Patrick Gorman.

141 - Chachi's Incredo-Wax
Chachi's new wax destroys whatever it shines.

142 - Potsie Quits School
Potsie thinks he flunked his anatomy course.
Guest star: Allan Rich.

143 - Shotgun Wedding, Part 1
Richie and Fonzie chase a farmer's daughter, which makes the gun-toting farmer very angry. This cliffhanger concludes on an episode of "Laverne & Shirley."

144 - Chachi Sells His Soul
Chachi is too young to go with the gang to a sorority costume party. So he makes a pact with the bedeviled Melvin Scratch to transform him into a debonair older guy. To win back Chachi's soul, the Fonz must perform an impossible task--last through one full day without a kiss.
Guest star: Jimmy Brogan.

145 - Fonzie Meets Kat
When a merchant ship docks in Milwaukee, a mysterious woman and an old enemy get off.

146 - Marion Goes to Jail
Marion hits Arnold's restaurant with her car.

147 - Richie's Job
Richie starts his journalism career by loading newspapers on a truck.
Guest star: Ted Gehring.

148 - Richie Falls in Love
Richie falls for a female photographer.
Guest star: Jenny Sullivan.

149 - Fonzie's a Thespian
Fonzie takes up acting.

150 - Burlesque
Howard's burlesque show is in trouble when the performers he hired get stranded in a snowstorm in Buffalo.

151 - Joanie Busts Out
Joanie applies for a modeling job.

152 - King Richard's Big Knight
Richie is crowned king of the Delta Gammas.

153 - Fonzie Vs. the She-Devils
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph attend a nerd party while Fonzie battles the She-Devils.

154 - The Mechanic
Fonzie hires a disabled mechanic with a chip on his shoulder.
Guest star: Jim Knaub.

155 - They're Closing Inspiration Point
The gang tries to stop construction on a new highway which would destroy the make-out mecca Inspiration Point.

156 - Here Comes the Bride, Again
Marion wants a real wedding for her 25th anniversary.

157 - Ah, Wilderness
To prove he is a good leader, Richie takes the gang on a camping trip.

158 - Joanie's Dilemma
Marion has a long talk with Joanie when she accepts a senior's ring.

159 - Hot Stuff
Chachi sets fire to Arnold's and must pay for his actions.