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61 - The Dance Studio
The girls try and help Carmine get financing so that he can open his own dance studio. Of course they end up ruining it for Carmine so in the end Frank and Edna lend him the money.

62 - Breaking Up Making Up
Laverne and Shirley try to get Frank and Edna back together after they break up when Edna's ex-husband comes to town.

63 - Festival Part 1
The girls go to New York to visit all of Laverne's relatives and to attend the Italian festival. Laverne's Grandmother, Frank's mother, takes a liking to Squiggy and treats him like a son.

64 - Festival Part 2
Frank tries to win the "climbing the greased pole" contest so he can win a trip to Italy for his mother.

65 - Playing the Roxy
When Shirley gets amnesia, she believes she is a stripper named Roxy. She's on stage at a lodge meeting going through her act when her memory returns just in the nick of time.

66 - The Robbery
Laverne's date with 'Jake' of the 'Purple Fiends' goes sour when he robs a grocery store.

67 - The Quiz Show
Laverne & Shirley appear on a game show called "Be Silly For Dollars".

68 - Laverne & Shirley Go To Night School
Shirley wants to become a medical assistant, and wants a reluctant Laverne to go to night school with her.

69 - Date With Eraserhead
Shirley's blind date with Eraserhead it isn't quite what she had in mind.

70 - The Bully Show
Lenny and Squiggy are forced to make a date between Laverne and their foreman, but they come to Laverne's rescue just in time.

71 - A Visit to the Cemetery
Laverne comes to accept the death of her mother and visits her grave for the first time.

72 - Chorus Line
Laverne dreams of going to Broadway when she auditions for "West Side Story" in Chicago.

73 - Laverne & Shirley Move In
Shirley recalls how she and Laverne first moved in together.

74 - Dinner for Four
The girls meet two guys in Frank's Pizza Bowl. They believe that the guys are inviting them for dinner at their posh flat, but they really want to hire the girls as maids for the evening.

75 - It's A Dog's Life
Shirley handcuffs herself to a homeless dog at the pound to protest it's scheduled death. In the end, Carmine comes to the rescue by offering a free dance lesson to anyone who'll adopt a dog. In the end, all the dogs find homes.

76 - All Comes All Ye Bums
Laverne & Shirley turn into street performers to raise cash for Frank's annual holiday hobo dinner.

77 - Who's Papa
Shirley visits with her brother Robert, who has come home from the Navy, and she realizes that they don't look anything alike. She becomes convinced that she was adopted and goes wild with Laverne trying to find documented information about her birth. Guest star: Ed Begley Jr.

78 - The Third Annual Shotz Talent Show
In the third annual Shotz talent show, Laverne and Shirley perform as human puppets.

79 - Super Market Sweep
Laverne wins three minutes of free grocery shopping and everyone wants something. When the day comes, the girls greed takes over and they only end up with one item each.

80 - Lenny's Crush
Lenny has a heart-to-heart with Laverne and mistakes her kindness towards him for love. When Shirley finds out, she tells Laverne to talk to Lenny before he gets hurt.

81 - Fire Show
One of the firemen who comes to put out a fire in their apartment falls for Laverne. Unfortunately Shirley falls for him too which leads to the girls friendship being tested to the limits.

82 - Squiggy in Love
Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy by pointing out to him that his latest great-looking girlfriend is using him to help move into and decorate her flat. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

83 - The Feminine Mistake
Laverne asks Shirley if she can make her more feminine to impress a guy. Laverne tries to act like a southern belle. Guest star: Jay Leno

84 - The Tenants Are Revolting
The girls believe they are doing a good deed by calling in a building inspector to make repairs, until Mrs. Babbish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine.

85 - Spy in My Beer
No one believes that Laverne saw an industrial spy in the brewery, so she takes Shirley back there in the middle of the night to wait for the spy. The girls end up arguing, and getting soaked in a huge vat of beer.

86 - Shirley and the Older Man
Carmine resents Shirley's friendship with a rich older man and his daughter is suspicious of her intentions.

87 - Shotgun Wedding Part 2

The girls get engaged to Richie and Fonzie to avoid a shotgun wedding. Guest stars:Henry Winkler, Ron Howard (The first part of this episode was aired as part of 'Happy Days').

88 - One Heckuva Note
Shirley finds an old love note written to Laverne from Carmine.

89 - Fat City Holiday
The girls get jobs at a weight loss camp.

90 - Upstairs Downstairs
A fight over returning a wrongly issued check gets the girls dreaming about heaven and hell.

Episodes 91-120