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Laverne DeFazio

Laverne is your basic plain-Jane with an attitude. She is outspoken and lacking formal education, though she is pretty street-wise. Laverne is a bit of a hot-head, too, but that's her natural defense mechanism. More than anything, she wants not to be a "bimbo," and to find some nice guy who will take her away from her workaday existence as a bottle-capper at Shotz Brewery. She is Shirley's oldest and best friend, and there is nothing she wouldn't do for her (except, maybe, stop drinking milk and Pepsi).

Shirley Feeney

Shirley is the more naive of the two bottle-capping roomies. Shirley is cute, and has a constant male companion in Carmine, but won't let anything interfere with her staunch values. She is on the prissy side, and is very concerned about her reputation. Shirley will share her bed with no one but her Boo-Boo Kitty doll until she is married. The yin to Laverne's yang, in a lot of ways, Shirley is Laverne's conscience, keeping her best pal out of trouble by reminding her of how to be a "lady."

Lenny & Squiggy

They are the male counterparts to Laverne and Shirley. Lenny and Squiggy have known each other practically their whole lives, and share an apartment up above Laverne and Shirley. They're a couple of greaser types who always have some sort of scheme up their sleeves. Lenny is not unlike Shirley, and is the more naive of the two; not too bright, but sincere and caring. Squiggy is a little bit like Laverne; outspoken and hot-tempered. Lenny and Squiggy have a rough exterior, but are great pals who also help Laverne and Shirley into and out of a lot of jams.

Carmine Ragusa

Also known as "The Big Ragoo," Carmine is a big part of Laverne and Shirley's life. Shirley is his "best girl," and although he is frustrated that Shirley will not commit, he also enjoys his freedom to date other women. He is always there for the girls, whether he is helping them out of a jam or singing for them with his fabulous tenor voice. Carmine really shines when he performs -- either with the girls in a Shotz Brewery talent show or while singing at the Pizza Bowl.

Frank DeFazio

Frank is Laverne's loving father. He raised Laverne on his own after his wife died, and did his best to raise his little girl right. He's no Harvard graduate, but he is smart in matters of the heart, and always looks out for his "Little Muffin." He is the owner of the Pizza Bowl, which makes him an honest and decent living.

Edna Babbish DeFazio

When we first meet Edna Babish, she is the widowed manager of Laverne and Shirley's apartment building. A bit cynical, she always forces her optimistic tenants to look at things realistically. Edna eventually falls in love with Laverne's pop, Frank, and they ultimately move to Los Angeles and open their own Western bar, Cowboy Bob's.

Rhonda Lee

Rhonda is one of the first people Laverne and Shirley meet when they move to Los Angeles. She is a self-centered wannabe starlet, and a bit of a thorn in Laverne and Shirley's sides. She's blonde and beautiful and more than a little obnoxious.

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