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Happy Days Trivia

Try your luck at my Happy Day's trivia contest. Type your answer in below and don't forget to include your name!
Make sure to RELOAD! I get alot of people answering old questions!ALSO if you do not include your name your entry will be DELTED SO INCLUDE YOUR NAME!!!! This weeks question:
Fonzie tells Richie to follow the phases called HTWW. What's HTWW stand for?

Past Questions
When Arnold gets married, he names a burger after his wife. What's the name of the burger?The Momo Burger
Winners: Elissa

Fonzie has 2 cousins on the show. Who are they?
Chachi and Spike. Ok, EVERYBODY says Spike's his nephew! NO. Fonzie tells Howard this in the kitchen in the episode Spike and Joanie go out(i think). Fonzie's an only child how can he have a nephew then?! He's his cousin, he only calls him Uncle Fonzie cuz of the age difference.
Winners:Nobody got both parts right.

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