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200 - Hello, Tough Guy
Fonzie's best plan backfires when he tries to help Joanie and Chachi match Jenny and Eugene Belvin.

201 - To Beanie or Not to Beanie
Joanie has to choose which college she'll go to: far-off UCLA or the local University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

202 - Southern Crossing
Al shrouds a sudden out-of-town trip in mystery. When Fonzie finds out he is joining the Freedom Riders, he insists on going along.

203 - Grandma Nussbaum
Fonzie arranges for his beloved grandma to move into a retirement home. But when he and Chachi pack up her belongings, they learn Fonzie has made a devastating miscalculation.
Guest star: Pat O'Brien.

204 - Poohba Doo Dah
Al tries to convince his distant cousin, pop idol Frankie Avalon, to headline the Leopard Lodge's annual musical extravaganza.

205 - A Touch of Classical
After pretty music teacher Cynthia Brannigan hires a classical orchestra for the Jefferson High concert, Fonzie tries to get the gang to switch from rock to Bach.

206 - Hi Yo, Fonzie Away
To win a dinner with the Lone Ranger as a present for Fonzie's birthday, Chachi and Howard have to ride a mechanical bull at the county fair.

207 - Great Expectations
Roger seeks Fonzie's advice when his love life is in trouble, then introduces his new romantic approach at a wild party.

208 - Hello, Flip
Roger's parents send his high-school-aged brother Flip to Milwaukee after he was accused of stealing a car.
Guest star: Billy Warlock.

209 - Chachi's Future
When Mr. C. suggests that whoever marries Joanie should have a sensible, steady career, a panicked Chachi dumps his dreams of rock stardom to become a high-pressure salesman.

210 - Tell Tale Tart
Jenny Piccalo sparks Fonzie's fury when she spreads a racy rumor about the new girl in school.

211 - Love and Marriage
After a month of dating, Al resolves to pop the question to Chachi's mom. With old-world formality, he asks Chachi for his mother's hand. Chachi says yes, but he's afraid his mom will say no.

212 - A Woman Not Under the Influence
Fonzie decides he needs to find one special woman. That's when he spots Ashley Pfister on an escalator, and tracks her down.

213 - Letting Go
Joanie tells her parents she's moving to Chicago with Chachi to pursue a singing career and attend college.

214 - Empty Nest
Marion's efforts to ease the pain of Joanie's departure are driving Howard crazy, especially when she replaces the comfy living room furniture with inflatables.
Guest stars: Harriet Nelson and Jane Wyatt. Pat Morita returns as Arnold Takehashi.

215 - A Night at the Circus
Fonzie draws on the magic of the circus to woo a special female--Heather, his girlfriend's daughter, who has been giving him the cold shoulder.

216 - A Little Case of Revenge
Fonzie's former classmate seeks revenge at a civic ceremony honoring the Fonz.

217 - Who Gives a Hootenanny
Fonzie has a fit when Arnold replaces the jukebox's rock n' roll with folk music. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi are scheduled to appear on a TV music show called Hootnite, until they find out the program is strictly for folk singers.

218 - Going Steady
Fonzie pledges his love to Ashley, but risks losing her when he allows an old girlfriend to spend the night in his apartment.

219 - Such a Nice Girl
Melvin Belvin asks K.C. to be his date for the gala costume party at Arnold's.

220 - There's No Business Like No Business
Competition from a new mall in the neighborhood threatens to put Cunningham Hardware out of business.

221 - All I Want for Christmas
When Heather asks Santa to patch up the rift between her mother and her grandparents, Fonzie decides to make her wish come true.

222 - Since I Don't Have You
A beautiful blonde who has done Roger wrong since childhood is on the rebound from a failed relationship, and Roger is helpless to resist.

223 - Hello, Pfisters
The long-awaited reunion between Ashley and her parents collapses after Ashley bolsters her courage with too much champagne.

224 - I Drink, Therefore I Am
Flip and his friends think drinking is cool until he and a carload of drunken pals recklessly run down a child in a crosswalk, and discover that it's little Heather.

225 - Prisoner of Love
Fonzie hires a convict on a work-release program as his new mechanic, and the young man steals K.C.'s heart.

226 - Life Is More Important Than Show Business
Fonzie arranges a record deal for Joanie and Chachi and the band.

227 - Nervous Romance
On their six-month anniversary, Fonzie and Ashley recount the events that nearly turned their first date into a disaster.

228 - I'm Not at Liberty
Fonzie must report to army reserve duty days before Heather's birthday. Things get worse when Officer Kirk is named as his platoon leader.

229 - Wild Blue Yonder
When Fonzie and Roger are stranded on a mountain following the crash of their plane, the Fonz makes startling confessions.

230 - May the Best Man Win
Fonzie serves as best man at the wedding of an old pal, but the bride-to-be creates chaos when she spots the man of her dreams -- the Fonz.

231 - Babysitting
Fonzie uses child psychology on Heather when Ashley goes on a business trip.

232 - Turn Around and You're Home
Chachi is torn between his career and his love for Joanie when she moves back to Milwaukee to become a teacher.

233 - Affairs of the Heart
Jenny dumps a nice guy for a sports hero, who in turn ditches her on the night of a big party.

234 - Because It's There
Fonzie tries to fulfill his old goal of conquering Suicide Hill on a motorcycle.

235 - The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi
Chachi turns into a swashbuckling romantic when Joanie rejects his marriage proposal.

236 - Where the Guys Are
Chachi, Roger, and Potsie try to ease the pain of Fonzie's breakup with Ashley by whisking him away to a swinging-singles resort.

237 - Welcome Home, Part 1
Richie returns from the army to a joyous reunion with his family and the Fonz.

238 - Welcome Home, Part 2
Richie and Fonzie come to blows over Richie's new career decision.

239 - Glove Story
Chachi enters the city boxing championship to earn Fonzie's respect, and winds up a contender against a fearsome opponent.

Episodes 240-255