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160 - The New Arnold's
Fonzie and Al rebuild Arnold's and can't decide what to name it.

161 - The Hucksters
Howard tries to get Hank Aaron to advertise his hardware store on TV.
Guest star: Hank Aaron.

162 - Allison
Fonzie falls for a young deaf woman.
Guest star: Linda Bove.

163 - Fools Rush In
Chachi tries to get Joanie to take his love for her seriously after all these years.

164 - Father and Son
Howard takes Richie to his lodge convention in Chicago.
Guest star: Dave Ketchum.

165 - A Potsie is Born
Potsie is offered a singing job at a supper club.
Guest stars: Arthur Batanides and Pat Crowley.

166 - The Roaring Twenties
The family remembers Great-Uncle Cecil, an Assistant District Attorney who closed down the local speakeasies.
Guest star: Pat O'Brien.

167 - Ralph's Family Problem
Ralph is selected as master of ceremonies of a big pageant, but goes off the deep end when he learns his parents are filing for a divorce. Both Ralph and the big night are in jeopardy unless Fonzie can drive away Ralph's blues.
Guest star: Jack Dodson.

168 - No Tell Motel
Joanie and Chachi sneak off to a Beach Boys concert in Chicago, and spend an outrageous night in a motel honeymoon suite when his car breaks down. Their nightmares really begin when Fonzie arrives to fix the car.

169 - Live and Learn
Fonzie gets off to an inauspicious start as an auto mechanics instructor at Jefferson High School.

170 - Dreams Can Come True
Lori Beth receives a long-distance marriage proposal from Richie, who is stationed with the U.S. Army in Greenland. Marion tries to win money on a TV show so that Lori Beth can join Richie.

171 - Hello, Roger
Marion's nephew, Roger Phillips, moves to Milwaukee to become a teacher at Jefferson High, and unfortunately causes trouble for Fonzie.

172 - Joanie Gets Wheels
Joanie secretly buys a car to keep her boyfriend, Chachi, on the road to romance, but everyone finds out, putting Joanie on a collision course with her father and the Fonz.

173 - White Christmas
Marion anxiously awaits a call from Richie as she prepares Christmas Eve dinner. Meanwhile, Joanie hopes the holiday spirit will inspire her father to let her spend the summer in New York with Jenny Piccalo. The falling snow outside soon stops all movement in Milwaukee, and this night before Christmas becomes an unforgettable one.

174 - And the Winner Is...
Fonzie starts behaving in a most unfamiliar manner in an effort to win the "Teacher of the Year" award. Unfortunately, he has to attend an out-of-town garage-equipment seminar the week before the awards banquet, so he enlists Chachi and Joanie to conduct his campaign.

175 - If You Knew Rosa
The gang helps Al slim down in preparation for his romantic reunion with Rosa Coletti, the love of his life who jilted him 20 years ago.

176 - The Sixth Sense
Fonzie searches for a thief, unaware that Joanie, Chachi, and Jenny have swiped his savings. They chip in the difference to surprise him with a desperately needed new motorcycle.

177 - It Only Hurts When I Smile
Fonzie visits a most unusual dentist after a horrible toothache cramps his romantic style.

178 - Welcome to My Nightmare
Fonzie, suffering from the flu, has a feverish nightmare in which a mad scientist tries to drain his cool.

179 - Broadway It's Not
Chachi becomes jealous when he witnesses a passionate love scene between Joanie and an actor during rehearsals for a school play.

180 - Bride and Gloom
Jenny Piccalo is jilted by her date for the high school costume ball, which will take place on a yacht on Lake Michigan. Joanie and Chachi come to the rescue by cleverly maneuvering Fonzie into escorting her.

181 - Hello, Mrs. Arcola
When Fonzie invites the Cunninghams to a spicy spaghetti dinner at the humble Arcola apartment, Chachi dreads their reaction to his unconventional mother and nutty uncle.

182 - Fonzie Gets Shot
Fonzie takes a bullet in the posterior and a dim-witted country sheriff tries to get to the "bottom" of his accusation that Potsie is the culprit.

183 - Potsie on His Own
When Potsie refuses to reveal how he is earning extra money to romance Lori Beth's rich and beautiful roommate, Fonzie sets out to unravel the mystery.

184 - Tall Story
Chachi discovers a potential center, John Barnett, for the Jefferson High basketball team. However, John is epileptic, so his dad won't let him play. When Roger and Fonzie find out that exercise is safe for John, they try to change his father's mind.
Guest star: Former LA Lakers star Happy Hairston.

185 - Scholarship
Fonzie and Roger join forces to save Chachi from a smooth-talking college scout who offers him a shady basketball scholarship he can't refuse.

186 - R.C. and L.B. Forever
A Catch-22 threatens Richie and Lori Beth's wedding plans. The only way Lori Beth can get onto Richie's army base in Greenland to marry him is if they're already married.

187 - Howard's Bowling Buddy
A back injury knocks Marion out of the Leopard Lodge bowling finals. Howard's replacement partner is the curvaceous and flirtatious Fern Flagg. Fern decides that Howard is right up her alley and tries to add him to her collection of romantic trophies.
Guest star: Patricia Carr Bosley (Tom Bosley's wife).

188 - Mother and Child Reunion
Fonzie meets a waitress in a roadside diner that bears a remarkable resemblance to his long-lost mother.
Guest star: Janis Paige.

189 - American Musical
Chachi struggles with a term paper on the causes, hardships, and influences of immigration, until Fonzie reveals its historical roots in a series of musical vignettes.

190 - Home Movies, Part 1
Joanie sends a flashback-filled reel to Richie in Greenland.

191 - Home Movies, Part 2
More of the flashback-filled reel Joanie sends to Richie in Greenland.

192 - Not With My Mother, You Don't
Chachi tries to heat up his mother's social life by arranging an evening on the town with Al, then learns she's already dating a mysterious stranger.

193 - Another Night At Antoine's
Chachi decides to play the field just as Joanie wants to go steady. But when she heads out on a romantic dinner date with a college man, a jealous Chachi and the Fonz tail them.

194 - Little Baby Cunningham
Lori Beth wants to deliver her baby by natural childbirth. Since Richie is in the army, Fonzie proudly agrees to be her coach. When he finds out he must accompany her into the delivery room, however, a horrified Fonzie tries to back out--just as Lori Beth goes into labor.

195 - The Other Guy
When Roger and Fonzie date the same girl, the problem ends up threatening Joanie and Chachi's romance and Howard and Marion's marriage.

196 - Fonzie the Substitute
When Roger's car breaks down, he asks Fonzie to teach his health class. The students trick him into teaching an unauthorized lesson in sex education.

197 - Just A Piccalo
Jenny Piccalo is dying to join the Rondells, but the snooty social club will have nothing to do with her. When Joanie is asked to join, Jenny convinces her to accept on the condition that they make Jenny a member, too.
Guest star: Phil Silvers (Cathy Silvers' father).

198 - The Nun Story

199 - Baby, It's Cold Inside
Joanie runs into trouble when she tries to prove she's a responsible babysitter for Richie, Jr.