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80 - The Third Anniversary Show
A surprise party for Howard offers many opportunities for flashbacks to previous episodes.

81 - The Graduation, Part 1
The boys graduate from high school and Fonzie reveals that he has also just earned his diploma in night school.
Guest stars: Dick Van Patten and Laurette Spang.

82 - The Graduation, Part 2
Fonzie learns he cannot get his diploma at the graduation ceremony, only by mail. But he manages to join the graduating class anyway.

83 - The Physical
The boys receive orders to report for their army physicals.
Guest stars: Warren Berlinger and Linda Kaye.

84 - Joanie's Weird Boyfriend
Joanie joins a motorcycle gang called the Red Devils. When kissing games start, she panics, only to be saved by Richie, Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Carmine, who is otherwise known as "The Big Ragu."
Guest star: Eddie Mekka.

85 - Fonz-How, Inc.
Fonzie and Howard invent a trash compactor called the Garbage Gulper.

86 - Spunky Come Home
Potsie and Ralph lose Fonzie's dog.

87 - The Last of the Big Time Malphs
Ralph becomes a big-time gambler in the football-pool racket.

88 - Fonzie's Baptism
After a motorcycle accident, Fonzie prepares for the hereafter. Al Molinaro plays both Al and Al's brother, Father Delvecchio, in this episode.

89 - Hollywood, Part 1
The Fonz is offered a screen test.
Guest star: Lorne Greene.

90 - Hollywood, Part 2
Fonzie and his friends travel to Hollywood.

91 - Hollywood, Part 3
Fonzie is challenged to jump over a shark tank on his motorcycle.

92 - Hard Cover
Richie goes to college and learns that coeds don't date freshmen, so the Fonz takes him to the library to meet some nice girls. This is the first appearance of Lori Beth, who later becomes Richie's wife.
Guest stars: Marcia Lewis and Linda Goodfriend.

93 - My Cousin the Cheat
Fonzie's cousin Chachi cheats on an exam so he can qualify for a job at the garage.

94 - Fonsilectomy
Tonsillitis has Fonzie hospitalized on the night he wanted to attend a Halloween party.

95 - The Apartment
Ralph, Fonzie, and Richie move into a rundown apartment. Their landlady is Chachi's mother.

96 - Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur, Part 1
Leather Tuscadero gets an audition for her rock group, Leather and the Suedes, at Arnold's.
Guest star: Suzi Quatro.

97 - Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur, Part 2
Joanie wants to go on tour with Leather's rock band.

98 - My Fair Fonzie
Fonzie is invited to a yacht club by a socialite.
Guest star: Morgan Fairchild.

99 - Bye, Bye, Blackball
The boys pledge a fraternity and have to endure the initiation rites.

100 - Requiem for a Malph
After Ralph dates the girlfriend of a football player, the jock challenges him to a boxing match.
Guest stars: Red Browne and Audrey Landers.

101 - Nose for News
Richie gets a "D" in investigative reporting, so he decides to look for a big story.
Guest star: Henry Beckman.

102 - Grandpa's Visit
Howard's father, a retired police detective, comes for a visit.
Guest star: Danny Thomas.

103 - Potsie Gets Pinned
Potsie gets ready to propose to his new girlfriend.

104 - Joanie's First Kiss
Joanie is asked on a date by a senior who owns a car.
Guest star: Tim Dial.

105 - Marion's Misgivings
When a family friend leaves his wife for a younger woman, Marion wonders if Howard will do the same thing.

106 - Richie Almost Dies
Richie cracks up his new motorcycle and lies comatose in the hospital. The Fonz becomes very emotional.

107 - Spunkless Spunky
Fonzie's dog has no energy left in him.
Guest star: Dr. Joyce Brothers.

108 - Be My Valentine
Joanie dreams about love songs that would befit her friend.
Guest star: Christopher Knight.

109 - Our Gang
Flashbacks show how Richie first met the Fonz.

110 - My Favorite Orkan
Richie is selected to go to the planet Ork to be the subject of an experiment. This is the first appearance of Mork the space alien.
Guest star: Robin Williams.

111 - The Fourth Anniversary Show
Lori Beth uses a college report to look back on past adventures.

112 - Do You Want to Dance?
Fonzie falls for a ballerina who gets a chance to become a superstar.
Guest star: Leslie Browne.

113 - Second Wind
Al is going to be honored at an awards ceremony, but he doesn't have a date. The Fonz promises to find him a girl, but Al resists, wanting to remain true to his first true love, Rosa Coletti--until Fonzie introduces him to Anna, the meter maid.

114 - Rules to Date By
Richie gets angry when Lori Beth is nice to other guys.

115 - Fonzie for the Defense
Fonzie is the only juror who believes a biker is innocent of a purse snatching.
Guest stars: Barney Martin and Ralph Wilcox.

116 - Westward Ho! Part 1
The gang goes out west to help Marion's uncle, whose ranch is about to be closed down.
Guest stars: Ruth Cox and Jason Evers.

117 - Westward Ho! Part 2
Further adventures in the west for Fonzie and the Cunninghams.

118 - Westward Ho! Part 3
Fonzie rides a killer bull.

119 - Fonzie's Blindness
Fonzie loses his sight after getting hit on the head.

Episodes 120-159