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40 - Fonzie Moves In
Needing extra cash, the Cunninghams decide to rent out the room over their garage to Fonzie. Meanwhile, Fonzie's grandmother takes over his old apartment.
Guest star: Lillian Bronson.

41 - The Motorcycle
Fonzie's motorcycle is totaled and Fonzie vows to kill the culprit. Ralph, who accidentally did the damage, tries to make amends.

42 - Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 1
For an appearance on the TV show "You Wanted to See It," Fonzie takes a daring motorcycle leap over 14 garbage cans. The jump is successful, except he crashes into Arnold's chicken stand and ends up in the hospital with a broken leg.

43 - Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 2
The Fonz is recuperating at the Cunninghams', where his monopoly of the TV set and general demands on the household drive Mr. C up a tree.

44 - The Other Richie Cunningham
Potsie pretends to be Richie on a blind date that is important to Howard's business. Unfortunately, Potsie becomes overly amorous on the date and the girl's enraged father descends upon the Cunningham household the next morning.

45 - Richie Fights Back
Two hoodlums make Richie move out of his parking place at Arnold's, embarrassing him in front of his date. Then they force him to imitate pinball-machine noises while they play a game. Arnold offers to teach Richie judo but Fonzie recommends a different method. . ."intimidation."
Guest star: Jeff Conaway.

46 - Jailhouse Rock
The boys plan to challenge a curfew that may land them in jail.
Guest star: Ed Peck.

47 - Howard's 45th Fiasco
Howard's 45th birthday makes him realize that he hasn't done anything important in life.

48 - Fonzie the Flatfoot
Fonzie comes to the aid of law-and-order when he helps the police stop a gang fight.
Guest star: Ed Peck.

49 - A Date With Fonzie
Richie is sure that he has lost his touch with the girls, so Fonzie arranges for him and Richie to go out with Laverne and Shirley.

50 - Fonzie the Salesman
A new owner takes over the garage where Fonzie works and institutes many changes. Fonzie quits and embarks on a brief career as a door-to-door salesman.

51 - Three on a Porch
The boys decide to rent a cottage at Lake Whitehead for a week. Convinced that the owner would never rent to teenagers, they try to pass themselves off as adults. Then they have to auction off their personal belongings in a "garage sale" at Arnold's to raise the $150 rental fee.

52 - Fonzie's New Friend
Fonzie's new black friend causes hidden feelings to surface in many people.

53 - They Call It Potsie Love
Joanie has a crush on Potsie.

54 - Tell It to the Marines
Ralph threatens to join the Foreign Legion.
Guest star: Amy Irving.

55 - Dance Contest
Marion secretly enters a television dance contest with Fonzie as her partner. Her mysterious absences from home make Howard suspicious, and events come to a climax when he trails her to the TV studio.
Guest star: Rance Howard (Ron Howard's father).

56 - The Second Anniversary Show
Flashbacks of previous episodes are shown.

57 - Football Frolics
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph have their hearts set on seeing the big football game of the year, but they can't afford the tickets. They decide to raise money by organizing a large-scale babysitting operation. Fonzie and his cousin Spike come to the rescue.

58 - Fonzie the Superstar
The boys teach Fonzie to sing so he can perform at the school dance.
Guest stars: Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall.

59 - Two Angry Men
Fonzie's birds cause Howard's roof to cave in.
Guest star: June Lockhart.

60 - Beauty Contest
The boys stage a beauty contest and rig it so nobody wins.

61 - Bringing Up Spike
Fonzie has to spend a week looking after his young cousin Spike.
Guest star: Danny Butch.

62 - A Sight for Sore Eyes
Fonzie needs glasses but doesn't want to wear them.

63 - Arnold's Wedding
Arnold wants Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but "the Fonzie Curse" almost brings an end to the gala event.
Guest star: Nobu McCarthy.

64 - Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 1
Howard's fraternal order, the Leopards, hosts the Third Annual Auto Demolition Derby, which brings Fonzie's old flame, Pinky Tuscadero, back to Milwaukee. Pinky wangles her way into being the Fonz's driving partner.
Guest star: Roz Kelly.

65 - Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 2
The colorful but nefarious Malachi Brothers, a rival demolition derby team, sabotage Pinky's car the night before the big event.

66 - Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 3
Fonzie outwits the Malachi Brothers and wins the demolition derby. Without waiting for the trophy, he rushes to visit an injured Pinky in the hospital. Then the Fonz proposes to Pinky, and she accepts. However, he soon realizes that marriage would only hold her back from her career and the fame she deserves, so they decide to just be friends.

67 - A Mind of His Own
Fonzie goes to see a psychiatrist. This episode is also the very first appearance of Al, the new owner of Arnold's Drive-In.
Guest star: Bill Idelson.

68 - Fonzie the Father
Fonzie agrees to watch over the pregnant wife of a pal who is out of town. When the woman gives birth, the Fonz is faced with a problem--babysitting. So he appoints two godmothers to handle the job, Laverne and Shirley.
Guest stars: Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams.

69 - Fonzie's Hero
Potsie saves Fonzie's life and he becomes eternally grateful.

70 - A Place of His Own
Richie brings his date to Fonzie's apartment.
Guest star: Conrad Janis.

71 - They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?
Joanie teams up with Fonzie in a dance marathon.
Guest stars: Charlene Tilton and Gary Epp.

72 - The Muckrakers
When Richie plans to expose Fonzie's phobia of beef liver in a front-page story in the school newspaper, the Fonz first asks him to withdraw the article, then turns to threats. But the crusading journalist decides to hold his ground.

73 - A.K.A. the Fonz
A new sheriff wants to run Fonzie out of town.
Guest star: Ed Peck.

74 - Richie Branches Out
Richie devises a scheme to meet the pin-up girl of his dreams.

75 - Fonzie's Old Lady
Fonzie is dating an older woman.
Guest star: Diana Hyland.

76 - Time Capsule
The boys become locked in a vault in Mr. Cunningham's hardware store after putting away a time capsule.

77 - The Book of Records
Fonzie's clumsy cousin comes to work at Arnold's.
Guest star: Charles Gallioto.

78 - A Shot in the Dark
Richie sinks the winning basket in the championship basketball game.

79 - Marion Rebels
Marion becomes a waitress at Arnold's.

Episodes 80-119