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1 - All the Way
Potsie fixes Richie up with Mary Lou Mulligan, a girl with a "reputation," then slips him a Mickey Spillane book and advises him to read "the good parts" to Mary Lou while on their date. Richie thinks he has it made when Mary Lou suggests that he come keep her company during her babysitting job.

2 - The Lemon
Richie and Potsie pool their funds to buy a sporty 1950 convertible, hoping it'll impress two pretty girls, Betty and Trudy. The boys become desperate as the night of their big date approaches and the new car proves to be all show and no go.
Guest stars: Cindy Eilbacher and Tita Bell.

3 - Richie's Cup Runneth Over
Richie goes to Potsie's cousin's bachelor party. The boisterous evening comes to an unexpected end when exotic dancer Verna La Verne drives Richie home to his family.
Guest star: Louisa Moritz.

4 - Guess Who's Coming to Visit
When Fonzie competes in a midnight drag race, Richie and Potsie can't resist the temptation to attend.

5 - Hardware Jungle
Passing up a rock concert, Richie volunteers to take care of his father's hardware store.
Guest stars: George Ives and Peter Brocco.

6 - The Deadly Dares
In another scheme to attract the opposite sex, Potsie and Richie attempt to join a club called the Demons.
Guest star: Ed Begley, Jr.

7 - Fonzie Drops In
After re-enrolling in high school, Fonzie wants Richie to do his homework for him.
Guest stars: Tita Bell and Jessica Guest.

8 - The Skin Game
Richie and Potsie use fake ID cards to sneak into a burlesque show. Once inside, they are more than a little surprised to find Mr. Cunningham--getting an eyeful of Bubbles, the dancer.
Guest star: Barbara Rhoades.

9 - Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Richie and his girlfriend Arlene decide to split up two weeks before the prom. Then they discover that neither of them can get another date.
Guest star: Laurette Spang.

10 - Give the Band a Hand
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph form a band in order to earn some extra money. Then they lose their first paycheck in a poker game.

11 - Because She's There
Richie learns the pitfalls of blind dates when he gets fixed up with a girl who towers over him.

12 - In the Name of Love
Potsie and Ralph fall in love with Cindy Shellenberger, the new girl in school. She only wants Richie as a tutor, but he is determined to fight for an "un-platonic" relationship.

13 - Great Expectations
The Beat Generation meets the Cunninghams in this episode. Richie brings a female beatnik home, but Mr. C. isn't too keen on the young lady. Richie's opinion of her changes when she tells him she is pregnant.
Guest stars: Udana Power and Danny Goldman.

14 - The Best Man
When an old army buddy gets engaged, Howard invites him and his fiancee to get married in the Cunningham house. This upsets the neighbors, who don't want a black couple's wedding in the neighborhood.
Guest stars: Bill Henderson and Gail Bryant.

15 - Knock Around the Block
Richie is enamored of the Dukes, a local gang, until they steal his bicycle.
Guest star: Darrel Fetty.

16 - Be the First on Your Block
In an episode eerily reminiscent of a "Twilight Zone" episode, the Cunninghams decide to build a bomb shelter. The architectural addition proves to be a little too popular, however. All their friends and neighbors insist on using it.

17 - Richie Moves Out
Frustrated by his lack of privacy, Richie packs his bags and moves in with his older brother, Chuck. By the end of the episode, Richie discovers that bachelor living is not all it's cracked up to be. This is one of the few episodes where Chuck plays a major role.
Guest stars: Linda Purl and Randolph Roberts.

18 - Richie's Car
Fonzie sells Richie a hot rod for $200, but the car turns out to be stolen.
Guest stars: Karl Swenson and Joshua Shelley.

19 - Who's Sorry Now?
Richie is nervous about his date with an old girlfriend, whom he hasn't seen in three years. To his surprise, the girl likes him so much that she wants to go steady.

20 - You Go to My Head
After reading a book on abnormal psychology, Richie is driven to seek psychiatric help.
Guest stars: Ivor Francis and Christina Hart.

21 - R.O.T.C.
When Richie is picked to be the R.O.T.C. squad leader, he must answer one of the great questions of leadership. Should he be a firm commander and possibly hated by his men, or a soft one that his men will love?
Guest stars: Dave Ketchum and Richard Kuller.

22 - Haunted
Richie is convinced that he saw a headless ghost at Ralph's annual Halloween party in a haunted house.

23 - Wish Upon a Star
After Richie wins a date to the school dance with a Hollywood starlet, he tries to tell his current girlfriend that she is not invited.
Guest stars: Cheryl Ladd and Linda Purl.

24 - Not With My Sister, You Don't
Richie plays the protective older brother in this episode. Joanie's first date is with Fonzie's tough cousin Spike, and Richie is not thrilled.
Guest stars: Danny Butch, Susan Denbo, and Misty Rowe.

25 - Big Money
In a spoof of the infamous quiz-show scandal of the 1950s, Richie becomes a contestant on a game show called "Big Money." Expecting to compete fair and square for the $3,200 grand prize, he suddenly receives the answers to all the questions in advance.
Guest star: Dave Madden.

26 - A Star is Bored
In order to raise money for his baseball team's uniforms, Richie organizes a performance of "Hamlet."
Guest stars: Ronnie Schell and Britt Leach.

27 - Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
The Cunninghams make plans for a quiet Christmas at home, until they discover that Fonzie has no place to celebrate the holiday. This classic holiday episode was re-aired several times during the series' original run.

28 - Open House
When a car carrying three beauty-pageant contestants breaks down, the women have to spend the night in the Cunningham home.
Guest stars: Joan Prather and Patricia Wilson.

29 - Fonzie's Getting Married
The whole "Happy Days" clan is stunned when Fonzie announces that he's getting married. Then Howard realizes that the bride-to-be is a stripper he once saw in Chicago.
Guest star: Nellie Bellflower.

30 - The Cunningham Caper
Richie is home sick in bed when he hears noises downstairs. He assumes it is Potsie and Ralph, but it turns out to be a burglar.
Guest star: Herb Edelman.

31 - The Not Making of the President
It is election time and the Cunninghams are all for Ike, until Richie decides to campaign for Stevenson in order to get a date with a cute blonde.
Guest star: Stephanie Steele.

32 - Cruisin'
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go across town looking for a group of girls they'd met, but run into trouble when the girls' boyfriends show up.
Guest stars: Maureen McCormick and Michael Lembeck.

33 - The Howdy Doody Show
Richie decides to interview Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody for the school newspaper in order to get a picture of Clarabell the clown without his makeup on.
Guest stars: Bob Smith and Robert Brunner.

34 - Get a Job
Richie becomes romantically involved with a young divorcee who hires him to do some repair work on her house.
Guest stars: Leslie Charleson and Beatrice Colen.

35 - Fonzie Joins the Band
Fonzie takes up the bongos to play with Richie's band at a dance.
Guest stars: Adam Arkin and Susan Richardson.

36 - Fish and Fins
When the rock group Fish and Fins comes to town, everyone wants free tickets from Richie, who claims he once knew the band's drummer.
Guest stars: Sam McFadin, Kris Moe, Jeff Stewart, and Linn Phillips.

37 - Richie's Flip Side
Richie gets a swelled head when he becomes a disc jockey with his own radio show. Obsessed with his new image, he abandons his friends.
Guest stars: Jesse White and Warren Berlinger.

38 - Kiss Me Sickly
Fonzie goes out of town for a week and asks Richie to watch his girlfriend for him. In an unexpected turn of events, the girlfriend falls for Richie.
Guest stars: Misty Rowe, Laurette Spang, and Didi Conn.

39 - Goin' to Chicago
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph head to Chicago with the school chorus. They sneak out of their hotel room to sample the nightlife, but trouble follows when they discover they forgot to bring money.
Guest stars: George Furth, Phil Leeds, and Pamela Myers.

Episodes 40-79