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1- I, Darrin, Take This Witch Samantha
Samantha and Darrin, an ideally matched couple, decide to marry. On their wedding night, Samantha must confess to Darrin that he unknowingly married a witch. Although this episode originally aired on September 17, 1964, it was filmed in November of 1963.

2- Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Endora, Samantha's mother, is disgusted when Samantha refuses to use her supernatural powers to cope with the routine tasks of a suburban housewife.

3- It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
Samantha gives a dinner party to impress one of Darrin's clients, Rex Barker. When Rex becomes too aggressive and makes advances on Samantha, she changes him into a dog. Guest star JACK WARDEN. This episode was rewritten for episodes #196 and #245.

4- Mother, Meet What's His Name?
Darrin returns home for his first meeting with Endora. They engage in a heated argument about their different viewpoints on life. This is the first Darrin/Endora episode.

5- Help, Help, Don't Save Me
Darrin suspects witchcraft when Samantha comes up with the perfect advertising campaign for his client. This episode was rewritten for episode #252.

6- Little Pitchers Have Big Fears
Samantha thinks she is boosting a little boy's self-confidence when she takes him to a Little League game. Guest stars JUNE LOCKHART and JIMMY MATHERS (Jerry--the Beaver--Mathers' younger brother).

7- The Witches Are Out
Samantha and her friends, all witches, decide to change the popular conception of witches into a more flattering image. Guest stars SHELLEY BERMAN, RETA SHAW and MADGE BLAKE (Aunt Harriet on "BATMAN"). A Halloween episode.

8- The Girl Reporter
A teenage girl interviews Darrin about his career in advertising for a school newspaper. Her boyfriend gets jealous and wants to beat up Darrin.

9- Witch or Wife
While Darrin's workload is sky-high, Samantha accepts Endora's invitation to lunch in Paris. The Tates, there on business, accidentally bump into Samantha and also meet Endora for the first time.

10- Just One of the Family
Samantha introduces Darrin to her father, who doesn't know Darrin is a mortal. When he finds out the truth, he dematerializes Darrin. This is the first Maurice episode.

11- It Takes One to Know One
When Darrin starts searching for a beautiful model for a perfume account, Endora sends him a beautiful witch. This episode was rewritten for episode #240.

12- . . . And Something Makes Three
Larry sees Samantha and Louise going into the obstetrician's office and thinks Samantha is pregnant. It's not Samantha but Louise who is expecting a baby. Guest star MAUREEN McCORMICK (Marcia Brady on "The Brady Bunch").

13- Love is Blind
Samantha plays matchmaker when she tries to fix up her friend with Darrin's friend. But Darrin suspects Samantha's friend is a witch. Guest star ADAM WEST as Kermit.

14- Samantha Meets the Folks
Darrin's parents meet Samantha for the first time. An unexpected visit from Aunt Clara stirs the meeting up a bit. This episode was re-cut to become episode #56, which bears the same title.

15- A Vision of Sugar Plums
Samantha tries to prove to a visiting orphan that Santa Claus really exists. Guest stars BILLY MUMY and BILL DAILY. This first Christmas episode of the series was recut to become episode #51, the Christmas episode of the following year.

16- It's Magic
As entertainment chairman of the Hospital Fund Auxiliary, Samantha hires a broken-down magician to host the show. The magician becomes the hit of the show--with a little help from Samantha.

17- A is for Aardvark
When Darrin sprains his ankle and is confined to bed, Samantha gives him the power of witchcraft, only to be sorry later.

18- The Cat's Meow
Darrin must cancel his six-month anniversary dinner with Samantha to fly to Chicago on a business trip where he will meet his client on a yacht. On board, Darrin sees a cat and feels it may be Sam, prompted by Endora to check up on him.

19- A Nice Little Dinner Party
Darrin's parents meet Endora for the first time. But though Endora is quite polite to Phyllis, she flirts with Frank, causing a marital rift between him and Phyllis.

20- Your Witch is Showing
Darrin refuses to let Samantha act as the matron of honor at her cousin's wedding in Egypt, which causes Endora to start trouble for Darrin. Guest star PEGGY LIPTON (future star of "The Mod Squad").

21- Ling Ling
Samantha transforms the Stephens' cat into a beautiful Asian girl named Ling Ling, a perfect model for Darrin to use in his "Jewel of the East" campaign.

22- Eye of the Beholder
Darrin fears that only he will become old and Samantha will never age because she is a witch.

23- Red Light, Green Light
Samantha tries to convince the mayor that a traffic signal is necessary at the busy intersection at Morning Glory Circle. Guest star VIC TAYBACK (later Mel on "Alice").

24- Which Witch is Mine?
Endora transforms herself into an identical copy of Samantha, which causes problems when a young author falls for her.

25- Pleasure O'Riley
Darrin and Abner Kravitz fall for their new neighbor, a beautiful young model, unaware that she has a very jealous boyfriend, Thunderbolt Swenson.

26- Driving is the Only Way to Fly
Samantha takes driving lessons from a very nervous instructor, Harold Harold. Naturally, Samantha uses witchcraft to avoid having accidents. PAUL LYNDE, in a non-Uncle Arthur role, makes his first appearance on this series.

27- There's No Witch Like an Old Witch
When age plays havoc with Aunt Clara's witchcraft, she becomes the neighborhood babysitter. Trouble erupts when the parents find out she told the children she was a witch. Guest star RETA SHAW. This episode was rewritten for episode #243.

28- Open Door, Witchcraft
Darrin purchases an electronic garage door opener in order to stop Samantha from opening the garage with the twitch of her nose.

29- Abner Kadabra
To stop Gladys Kravitz from spreading the news of Samantha's powers, Samantha convinces Gladys that she has extra-sensory perception.

30- George the Warlock
At the chance to break up Samantha and Darrin's marriage, Endora persuades a warlock to romance Samantha. Listen for the Bewitched theme song whistled by a raven.

31- That Was My Wife
Larry thinks that Darrin is cheating on Samantha when he sees Darrin kissing a brunette; he doesn't realize that it is Samantha wearing a wig.

32- Illegal Separation
When Abner and Gladys Kravitz have an argument, he ends up moving in with the Stephenses. This episode was rewritten for episode #140.

33- A Change of Face
Endora changes Darrin's face while he is napping in the living room. Although Samantha initially objects, she later adds some modifications of her own. Darrin later suffers a crisis of confidence about his appearance.

34- Remember the Main
Darrin gets involved in politics and suggests that the candidates for town councilman have a television debate.

35- Eat at Mario's
At the expense of one of Darrin's clients, Samantha and Endora use witchcraft to save their favorite restaurant, Mario's. Guest star VITO SCOTTI.

36- Cousin Edgar
Samantha's cousin Edgar, an elf, tries to break up her marriage to a mere mortal. ARTE JOHNSON guest stars.

37- Alias Darrin Stephens
On Samantha's and Darrin's first anniversary, Aunt Clara arrives with presents and accidentally turns Darrin into a chimpanzee. Samantha needs the spell removed so that she can tell Darrin he is going to be a father.

38- A Very Special Delivery
Learning that he is about to be a father, Darrin waits on Samantha hand and foot. Larry advises Darrin against this behavior. Endora is infuriated with Darrin's attitude and uses witchcraft to show him the pregnant woman's plight.

39- We're in for a Bad Spell
Aunt Clara tells Samantha that a friend of Darrin's has inherited a spell placed on his ancestors by a witch. Unless he follows a bizarre antidote to remove the spell, he will be branded as a thief. Guest star BILL DAILY.

40- My Grandson, the Warlock
Samantha and Darrin babysit for the Tates' son. Samantha's father mistakes this baby boy for his own grandson and is upset when he finds that the baby has no warlock powers.

41- The Joker is a Card
Samantha arranges a special meeting between Darrin and her mother to settle their differences. When a series of practical jokes is played, Samantha realizes that the person behind them is Uncle Arthur, the practical joker. PAUL LYNDE guest-stars in his first appearance as Uncle Arthur.

42- Take Two Aspirins and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk
Samantha feels ill and loses her witchcraft ability. The doctors find her in perfect health. But when green dots appear on Samantha's face, Aunt Clara comes to the rescue with a special remedy.

43- Trick or Treat
Darrin insists that Samantha remain at home with guests and not accompany Endora to the witches' celebration of Halloween. Endora, upset, puts a spell on Darrin which gradually turns him into a werewolf. Guest star MAUREEN MCCORMICK. This is the second Halloween episode of the series.

44- The Very Informal Dress
Aunt Clara accompanies Darrin and Samantha to a dinner party. She provides Samantha with a new dress and Darrin with a new suit, only later to see the new clothes vanish before everyone's eyes.

45- And Then I Wrote
Samantha writes a play for a rest home to mark the Centennial of the end of the War between the States, but her characters come to life to cause havoc in the Stephens household.

46- Junior Executive
Endora turns Darrin into an eight-year-old. When a client sees the boy in the office, he tells Larry that he likes the idea of a young boy working on the ad campaign for the toy model ship. Guest star BILLY MUMY. This episode was rewritten for episode #224.

47- Aunt Clara's Old Flame
Endora and Samantha try to bring Aunt Clara and her old beau back together. Samantha secretly helps Clara with her witchcraft so that she appears to be the perfect match for this gentleman, Hedley Partridge.

48- A Strange Little Visitor
Samantha agrees to baby-sit for a ten-year-old warlock. Darrin is unaware that the little boy has magical powers.

49- My Boss the Teddy Bear
When Darrin does not think Larry will give him time off, Endora suggests turning Larry into an inanimate object. This makes Darrin suspicious when he sees a teddy bear in his office.

50- Speak the Truth
Endora believes there would be instant chaos if humans only told the truth. To prove this, Endora places a statuette in Darrin's office which forces everyone, except Samantha, to tell the truth.

51- A Vision of Sugarplums
Pregnant Samantha recalls her first Christmas with Darrin, when she took an orphan to see Santa Claus. The remainder of the episode is a replay of episode #15.

52- The Magic Cabin
Larry offers Darrin the use of his woodland cabin. The cabin turns out to be a shack. When there is a storm, Darrin finally gives in and allows Samantha to use witchcraft to fix up the place.

53- Maid to Order
Samantha hires a bumbling maid to do the housework so she can rest until after the baby is born. ALICE GHOSTLY guest-stars, but not as Esmerelda, the recurring character she would later play on this series.

54- And Then There Were Three
Samantha has a baby girl and Endora names her Tabitha. When Darrin sees Serena, a cousin who resembles Samantha, he believes Endora has made Tabitha all grown up. EVE ARDEN guest-stars in this first episode to feature Serena and Tabitha.

55- My Baby the Tycoon
Gladys and Abner Kravitz give Tabitha a share of stock. When the stock rapidly goes up, Darrin suspects his daughter has her mother's powers of witchcraft.

56- Samantha Meets the Folks
Samantha recalls the first time she met Darrin's parents. The remainder of this episode is a replay of episode #14.

57- Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue
With Samantha's help, Darrin knocks out the number one boxing contender and is hailed as the next champ. (This episode's concept was later ripped off for an episode of I DREAM OF JEANNIE entitled "Strongest Man in the World.")

58- The Dancing Bear
When both Endora and Mrs. Stephens buy Tabitha the same toy bear, Endora uses her magical powers to make her toy bear dance.

59- Double Tate
Endora decides to make three of Darrin's wishes come true for his birthday, but he is unaware of her birthday present.

60- Samantha the Dressmaker
Samantha uses witchcraft to duplicate a dress by a Paris designer, Aubert. Soon everyone wants an Aubert original, and Samantha helps Aubert break into the American market by designing dresses for average-shaped women. DICK GAUTIER guest-stars.

61- The Horse's Mouth
Samantha turns a racehorse into a woman who proceeds to help Darrin's friend win at the track.

62- Baby's First Paragraph
While Samantha and Darrin meet an important client, Endora baby-sits for Tabitha and promises not to use any magic. But when Mrs. Kravitz visits with her nephew Edgar and starts boasting about his intelligence, Endora supernaturally induces Tabitha to talk.

63- The Leprechaun
Samantha tries to help a leprechaun, from Darrin's side of the family, retrieve his lost pot of gold. Guest star HENRY JONES. This is a St. Patrick's Day episode.

64- Double Split
Samantha and Louise try to bring Darrin and Larry back together after they have an argument.

65- Disappearing Samantha
Samantha falls under a spell which causes her to disappear. It's cast by a man who makes a career of debunking witchcraft. FOSTER BROOKS and BERNARD FOX (in a non-Dr. Bombay role) guest star.

66- Follow that Witch (Part 1)
A private detective, hired by a new client of Darrin's, threatens to expose Samantha as a witch unless she makes him wealthy.

67- Follow that Witch (Part 2)
Darrin learns of the detective's threats and rejects the new client's account. Meanwhile, Samantha teaches the detective never to blackmail a witch. The above two episodes constitute the first 2-part episode of this series.

68- A Bum Raps
Samantha mistakes a vaudevillian turned con artist for Darrin's Uncle Albert. This makes it easier for the con man to rob the Stevenses' home.

69- Divided He Falls
When Darrin cannot escape from work to go on vacation with Samantha, Endora has the perfect solution. She creates two Darrins: Darrin #1 (the workaholic) and Darrin #2 (the vacation-holic). A must-see episode for Dick York's out-of-control performance.

70- Man's Best Friend
A neurotic warlock, Rodney, expresses his love for Samantha and wants to break up her marriage so he can marry her. He does this by impersonating a shaggy dog to whom Darrin takes an immediate liking. RICHARD DREYFUSS guest-stars.

71- The Catnapper
Endora turns a pretty client of Darrin's into a cat, which is then stolen by a private detective who knows Samantha is a witch. He offers Samantha the cat back in exchange for a million dollars.

72- What Every Young Man Should Know
With Samantha's permission, Endora sends Darrin and Samantha into the past to see if Darrin would have married Samantha if he knew she was a witch. The word "bewitched" appears in the script of this episode.

73- The Girl with the Golden Nose
After Darrin tells Samantha he feels his career is going nowhere, Larry hands him a substantial account. He then becomes convinced that Samantha used witchcraft to help his career. This mistaken notion infuriates her.

74- Prodigy
Samantha tries to help Gladys Kravitz's brother, a brilliant musician, regain his confidence and play his violin at a benefit. Guest star JACK WESTON. This is the last episode of the second season and the last black-and-white episode.

Episodes 75-140